Fire control

The fire control computer sits at the core of many of our military’s weapons. This computer takes in data from numerous sources such as radar, inertial systems, various sensors and sometimes human input. All of this data feeds the algorithm that runs on the computer to determine the trajectory and direction of munitions to be fired.

This is a function that must work each time a round is fired. It is imperative that this computer has very low latency, be extremely deterministic and be extremely reliable in keeping our war-fighter safe.

Curtiss-Wright has been delivering fire control processors for a wide range of ground vehicles for many years. To minimise latency, all of the I/O required for a specific vehicles sensor suite and vehicle information bus are integrated directly to the processor.

Power architecture CPUs are used to ensure highly deterministic operation along with streamlined operating systems. To ensure the highest reliability, the best components are used and a high-performance thermal management solution keeps all of the components at the lowest possible temperatures for the environment, while also being ensured to survive nuclear events.

These are some of the most rugged electronics worldwide and Curtiss-Wright can provide the complete, integrated and qualified Fire Control LRU.