Turret control

The self-protection of deployed troops depends on the precision and reliability of their armament. Weapons accuracy and reliability are crucial factors for combat success.

Today’s turret is typically mounted on an armoured land vehicle that proves most useful when traversing rugged, harsh terrain. The ability to accurately locate a target and stabilise the shot while moving out of the line of site could make all the difference.

Developed from more than 60 years industry experience, the Turret Drive Servo System (TDSS) is based on a modular equipment system approach and suits a range of applications, from weapon stations to main battle tanks with turrets up to 20t.

A typical TDSS consists of linear and rotary drives, a motor controller, single and dual axisgyroscopes, hand controllers and integrated software. Depending on the size and weight of the turret, the system can be paired down or scaled up to meet the performance and precision requirements.