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Specialized Surveillance Equipment

Abbots Park,
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Innovative Sensor Developments (ISD) is a leading developer of video systems for rugged and mobile military applications. ISD is built around a core team of highly experienced and respected professionals with a proven history of developing novel and successful camera and display equipment for the demands of the military environment.

ISD joined the AD Group of companies in 2006 and has been working closely with the core development team to further enhance their offering of innovative and practical video solutions to customers in the military and homeland security markets. ISD has been able to take advantage of the industry-leading knowledge available across the whole of AD Group.


When it comes to the video solutions offered by ISD, one of the main areas of innovation is the company’s sophisticated DACIC (Detailed And Contextual Imaging Camera) long-range surveillance megapixel CCD camera. The DACIC comes in a tough, rugged module to withstand the rigors of military operation. It is particularly suited, for example, to the effective surveillance of key border areas.

The significant advantage of the 50mm to 500mm Long Range Surveillance (LRS) camera is the unique ability to provide simultaneous PAL format outputs in wide and narrow fields of view on separate or picture in picture channels.

This contrasts with the previous situation, where long-range surveillance called for the deployment of two cameras – one detailed and one contextual – which, due to cost factors, severely restricted its potential. Now, with DACIC, there is a single, economic, lightweight camera which supports long range surveillance at a fraction of the previous cost and, free of constraints, can be used on any robust pan and tilt mount with a good brake.


The VAMP 002 and 004 NV are day and night vision colour bore-sighted gun sights for remote weapon stations and turret gunnery applications. For example the lightweight VAMP 004 NV (Video Aiming Module Package Night Vision) is capable of supplying colour imagery in extremely low light situations down to a light level of 0.00025lux.

The units have been designed to meet a typical fighting vehicle specification and to survive and give high reliability in the harsh environment of tracked and wheeled military vehicle systems. The VAMP family of proprietary gun-sight camera systems that can be readily adapted for specific customer specifications with only minor changes to the alignment interface.

The Weapon Aiming Systems Package (WASP) is a compact and lightweight sensor pack, which in addition to a day or night vision site can offer both wide and narrow field-of-view thermal imagers and laser rangefinders.


To enable drivers to operate in extreme low light situation the DAMP vision system provides a combination of a night vision colour camera capable of operating down to 0.00025lux with a thermal imager which outputs to a small monitor.

ISD’s VAMP Gun Sight Cameras Qualified to Def Stan

The VAMP 004 NV (Video Aiming Module Package Night Vision) boresighted gun sight camera from Innovative Sensor Developments (ISD), part of AD Group, has qualified to DEF STAN 00-35 shock, temperature and vibration and DEF STAN59-41 Class A land based limits EMC. Obtaining these qualifications pro

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