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Live Fire Target Training Systems

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Theissen Training Systems (TTS) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of live-fire training applications with production sites in Germany, Belgium and North America. TTS develops, produces and installs complete training range systems for Small Arms Ranges, Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) facilities and Combined Arms Live-Fire Exercise (CALFEX) ranges that include tank and attack helicopter operations.

TTS has continuously developed and improved a broad range of sophisticated off-the-shelf target mechanisms meeting today’s technical and quality requirements. The company’s modular product range enables TTS to put together well proven components from existing products to supply tailor-made solutions. Multifunctional target systems are available to train marksmanship, MOUT and tactical live-fire operations.

Major products available from Theissen Training Systems include:

  • Infantry targets
  • Armor targets
  • Moving targets
  • Range control systems
  • Automatic scoring systems
  • Location of miss and hit (LOMAH) targets
  • Indoor equipment
  • Effect simulators
  • Accessories

Stationary infantry targets – small arms pop-up targets (SIT and SAPU)

TTS offers a wide range of infantry targets. For example, pop-up targets can be exposed in a variety of ways with rotary movement combined with lifting to provide friend/foe discrimination training.

Multifunctional target systems are available to train marksmanship, Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) and tactical live-fire operations.
Anti-armour pop-up target systems (AAPUTS) - a heavy stationary armour target (SAT) is used for the firing practice of tanks, APCs and anti-tank weapons of all kind and for attack or defence training.
Moving infantry target (MIT) – this modular infantry target system represents moving threads, lifts target silhouettes up to 5kg and moves at speeds up to 30km/h.
Anti-armour moving target systems (AAMTS) - rail-guided moving tank target systems are powerful, fast moving and allow live fire training on full size flank tank silhouettes.
The mobile Range Control Tablet is a compact handheld target control system. The tablet PC specifically designed for military use operates the TTS Range Control Software.
A mobile control vehicle enables the instructor to move his range control to any desired location.
SIT with LOMAH – the Location Of Miss And Hit (LOMAH) registers the location of any super sonic projectile in open air, for use on infantry targets as well as tank firing ranges of all kind.
Box target systems operate in subsonic as well as in supersonic regions.
Overhead retrievable target systems are specifically designed for dynamic and scalable training in indoor shooting ranges.
Battle effect simulators (BES) realistically create acoustical and visual battle effects.

TTS’s automated stationary infantry targets increase the shooter’s enthusiasm, resulting in improved training quality. Unlike regular pop-up infantry target training mechanisms, the MOUT system from TTS simulates six different adversary movements. The increased variety of target presentations and the greater training realism enhances training results and creates diversity unknown to conventional training equipment.

Stationary armor targets – anti-armour pop-up targets (AAPUTS)

TTS supplies professional live fire solutions to train gunners and crews of armored vehicles on intelligent stationary and moving targets. Our powerful medium-sized lifters can lift half-scale tank flank target silhouettes, as well as frontal silhouettes of tanks and armored vehicles.

Advanced target mechanisms serve typically on combined arms and multi-purpose ranges and simulate appearing and disappearing full-scale tank targets with dimensions up to 7m x 3m. The powerful hydraulic drive with its low clearance endows the SAT with an enormous lifting capacity of 300kg and a smooth and sturdy lifting process even at large target silhouettes.

Moving target systems – MIT and MAT / AAMTS

At TTS the continued expansion of the modular target systems now encompasses targetry where silhouettes, motion and speed can easily be altered to diversify the training and enhance training realism. With these capabilities, animation can be as unpredictable as the real combat threat.

Range control systems

TTS offers fully computerized range control systems that allow for both control and status monitoring of all target appliances on the range. Different types of mobile control units are available as compact handheld target control systems.

Specifically designed for military use, they are battery powered and radio-controlled terminals to remotely operate and manage all equipment that can be delivered for a live fire training area by TTS. In addition to a centralized control system, a range complex can be controlled from a mobile control vehicle, which enables the instructor to move his range control to any desired location.

Automatic marking systems and equipment – LOMAH and box targets

For precision shooting and zeroing, TTS offers marking and scoring technology for supersonic and subsonic projectiles. The LOMAH sensor system enables the correct detection of the location of the hit on the target and is even able to detect the exact location of near misses.

Box target systems operate in subsonic as well as in supersonic regions. In addition to those systems TTS Shooter’s Monitors give a detailed view and precise hit results. Shot sensors installed on each firing position guarantee unimpeachable hit counting and eliminate wrong scoring on multi-lane ranges.

Indoor range equipment – overhead retrievable targets

To meet the demands of military and civilian government special operations forces, TTS developed overhead retrievable target systems (ORT) in various configurations. These types of systems are specifically designed for dynamic and scalable training in indoor shooting ranges.

ORTs support training at varying (adjustable) shooting distances while simultaneously allowing for 180° turning target mechanism, which can present the friend or foe side of a target board.

Battle effects simulators and accessories

TTS delivers a wide variety of simulators and accessories. TTS non-pyrotechnic enemy fire and effect simulators resemble the bang and the gun smoke of a hostile tank, or anti-tank weapon. Night illumination devices, laser sensors and various simulators creating the impression of muzzles flashes, thermal human and vehicle signatures, hostile fire, battle sounds and gun smoke are available for all TTS appliances.

Containerized and deployable target systems

The ‘Range in a Box’ system is a complete package including modern targetry equipment and multifunctional container infrastructure. The modular concept allows a customized solution specifically composed for each customer’s requirements. Autonomous and modular targetry equipment allows operation around the globe.

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