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Fuzes and Fuze Components for Ammunition and Warhead Subsystems

Mipro produces, delivers and upgrades fuzes and fuze components for use in subsystems for ammunition and warheads.

Box 25,
178 21 Ekerö Sweden


Mipro produces, delivers and upgrades fuzes and fuze components for use in ammunition and warheads subsystems.

The company has delivered fuzes worldwide, including to the Swedish Armed Forces, Mipro has the experience and knowledge to safely supply military goods.

Fuzes for ammunition

Mipro supply fuzes for a range of ammunition types and specifications including artillery, coast artillery and tank gun ammunition. The company can also provide fuzes for mortar and special ammunition, as well as customised fuzes, made to customer specifications. All of Mipro’s military products undergo a vigorous quality assurance programme to ensure high-standards and safety.

The company can also provide customers with fuze retrofits and upgrades to ensure ammunition is working correctly. Mipro technicians have the required experience and skill to carry out upgrades with speed and precision.

Fuze components for the military

All fuze components are designed by Mipro, and manufactured by carefully chosen sub-suppliers. Fuze components supplied by Mipro include safety and arming devices for spin and fin-stabilised ammunition, which can be as small as 18.5mm and 24mm in diameter respectively.

The company also supplies mask safety devices and electromechanical switches and safety devices, clockworks, and pyrotechnical components. Anti-submarine grenades are also available.

Mipro can produce fuzes and fuze components in a range of quantities to meet customer specifications.

Our safety and arming devices are capable of being equipped with the longest arming times on the market.

Research and development of new products for the military

Mipro is always researching and developing new products and technologies to benefit the military industry. This includes:

  • Pyrotechnics
  • Material technology
  • Electromechanics
  • Explosive trains

Mipro works hard to ensure all of their designs and products are as small as possible and that both Swedish and military standards are met. The company can also offer insensitive munition (IM) designs and solutions.

Company history

Founded in 1949, Mipro has since undergone several different changes in ownership and a merger. The company has been family own and run since 1989. It has supplied and upgraded more than 2.5 million fuzes worldwide and has more than 30 years of military product export experience.

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