Metalcraft is a leading supplier of UID compliant tags and labels. UID is a Department of Defense mandate that requires a globally unique item identifier to track items throughout their lifecycle. Durable enough to last the lifetime of the item, our products withstand chemicals, high temperatures, abrasion and even exposure to paint. With our staff of UID specialists, we have both the products and UID expertise to help meet your UID requirements.

Metalcraft UID product line:

  • UID metal barcode nameplates
  • UID foil barcode labels
  • UID ‘CRAFTMARK’ polyester barcode labels
  • UID ceramic-on-stainless steel barcode nameplates
  • UID Teflon® on metal barcode nameplates
  • UID barcode cable labels
  • Laser-engraved UID nameplates
  • On-demand laser system

Metal barcode nameplates and foil barcode labels

Our most popular product line for UID applications is our photo-anodised nameplates and labels. They are produced using a photo imaging process that seals images within the sapphire-hard anodic layer of the aluminum, ensuring products are resistant to chemicals, solvents, abrasion and dirt. Various thicknesses allow for versatility in application surfaces, either flat or curved, and specially matched adhesives are available for mechanical fasteners.

Polyester barcode labels

This top-of-the-line polyester label features our thickest polyester combined with a 0.0035in thick adhesive. Digital printing ensures barcode readability, while subsurface printing protects the UID against solvents, caustics, acids and moderate abrasion.

Photo anodised UID tags are our most popular UID product.
Ceramic-on-stainless steel UID tags are ideal for saltwater applications.
Laser engraved UID nameplates made using our in-house fibre laser system.
Create UID durable tags whenever you need them with our benchtop fibre laser system.

Ceramic-on-stainless steel barcode nameplates

For extremely harsh environmental conditions we offer UID ceramic-on-stainless steel barcode nameplates. These unique products are printed using ceramic ink on a thin ceramic layer that is fired and fused to a heat-resistant stainless steel substrate. We have several different variations of this product available, including one specifically designed for saltwater applications.

Barcode cable labels

Simplify the task of marking cables, hoses, etc., with our UID barcode cable labels. One end of the label contains subsurface printing, while the other end is clear and acts like a laminate as it wraps around the pre-imaged UID information to provide additional protection.

Laser-engraved UID nameplates

Our laser-engraved UID nameplates are available on either standard black-anodised or photo-anodised aluminum in a variety of different sizes, and with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and/or optional holes for mechanical fasteners. Our black-anodised blanks feature a mineral-based colour that holds colour and contrast longer than standard organic-based pigments meaning a longer-lasting, more durable image.

Create UID nameplates as you need them with our on-demand laser system. The turnkey system includes a benchtop fibre laser, software, verifier, anodised aluminum blanks and even technical support to help you get the most out of your system. Our fibre laser offers excellent speed and resolution, giving you a high-quality laser image. And with 100,000+ hours of run time and relatively low routine maintenance, you will maximise the productivity of your UID system.

UID registration service

Simply tagging the item doesn’t equal UID compliance. We offer complete UID service including submission to the UID registry, making us a true one-stop shop for UID compliance.

UID service and replacement program

Order your UID nameplates and labels today and often we’re able to ship them to you tomorrow at no additional charge. Your time is critical when shipping parts that require a UID tag. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice tag quality for quicker service; we provide both.

We understand that mistakes can happen. Tags get lost or accidentally placed on the wrong equipment. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for an entire order to get the one or two replacement tags you need. For these reasons, we now offer a UID replacement program for your photo anodised UID products.  Contact a Metalcraft UID specialist for more information.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.