Cattini Oleopneumatica is a market-leading producer of air-hydraulic jacks for lifting equipment in the defence, aviation, mining and automotive industries.

Each jack manufactured by Cattini is engineered, assembled and tested at the company’s ISO9001-certified facility and is designed to outperform the competition in reliability, power and efficiency of operation in the most demanding conditions.

The company has over 40 years of experience and can produce customised equipment tailored to the specific needs of its clients.

Lifting solutions for defence industry applications

Cattini Oleopneumatica offers a wide range of lifting products, covering the specific requirements of tracked and wheeled military vehicles, aviation maintenance, and recovery/rescue devices.

Cattini Oleopneumatica is an Italian supplier of lifting equipment for the defence industry.
Cattini operates from an ISO9001-certified manufacturing facility.
The company's air hydraulic jacks are used in a wide range of military applications.
Cattini's solutions are designed for the safe and easy lifting of a variety of military vehicles.
Cattini's jacks are powerful and highly portable, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of military applications.
The company has been supplying its solutions to the defence industry for over 40 years.
Cattini's solutions are also suitable for aviation maintenance and recovery/rescue devices.

Jacks are designed and tested for the quick and safe lifting of a variety of military vehicles, including armoured fighting and mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles, utility trucks, main and light tanks, artillery tractors, and high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWVs).

Wheel and track maintenance and removal can also be performed on rough terrains, with a lifting power of up to 150 metric tonnes. Specific stability pads are provided for load distribution on unstable ground.

Powerful air-hydraulic jacks for the military

Cattini offers a special and exclusive line of ultra-compact and powerful air-hydraulic jacks, which can be carried with extremely limited weight inside a provided transport box. They can be easily operated with on-board air compressors due to their low air consumption.

The aviation jacks, used in the civil aviation GSE market, are engineered to cover the different tyre repair requirements of narrow-body and wide-body aircrafts, transport planes, fighters, bombers and attack planes. Specific jacks are produced for all landing gears (NLG, MLG, BLG, CLG) and special jacking points requirements. Hydraulic tripods for lifting helicopters are also available.

Portable military aviation jacks for landing gear maintenance

Air-hydraulic military aviation jacks are characterised by their ergonomic handle and optimally balanced wheel system. They are highly portable and powerful, allowing fast and efficient application suitable for all landing gear maintenance pits. In absence of compressed air, the axle jacks can be operated with air or nitrogen out of a pressurised aircraft tire. An optional hand pump is available.

Extremely light and powerful, with a range covering from 12.5t (13.8 short tonnes) up to 105t (116 short tons) of capacity, Cattini aviation jacking equipment is provided with a light and sturdily built fly-away transport box with fork lift access, including a ramp for easy fly-away handling.

Cattini jacks stand out for their high-quality chromium-plated cylinders and SKYDROL-resistant design with stainless steel cover. They are designed and tested in accordance with all relevant international standards for ground support equipment, including Nato requirements.

High-pressure lifting bags for military aircraft recovery

Cattini provides high-pressure lifting bags that can be used in heavy truck or aircraft recovery, as well as for emergency or unforeseen lifting requirements. They release maximum power in a limited area and are ideal for the lifting of rigid structures in tight places.

The unique structure of the lifting bags makes them suitable for load shifting. They are also available as a portable self-contained kit for the fast deployment of an insertion/extraction team lifting system, first ideated by the US Air Force Pararescue jumpers.