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Medical Isolation and Transportation Units for the Defence Industry

EpiGuard is a leader in the development and manufacture of medical products for a wide range of military applications.

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EpiGuard is a leader in the development and manufacture of medical products for a wide range of military applications.

The company’s extensive medical background covers intensive care, internal medicine, infectious diseases and anesthesiology.

Medical equipment for the treatment of infected armed forces personnel

EpiGuard’s EpiShuttle has been developed using the expertise of clinical professionals with first-hand experience in providing advanced treatment for patients with highly infectious diseases.

EpiGuard is an industry-leader in the manufacture of military medical transportation units.
The company’s EpiShuttle is used to safely transport infected patients on the front-line.
The EpiShuttle can also be used to transport healthy patients through contaminated areas.
EpiGuard's solutions are currently in use with the World Health Organization (WHO).
The EpiShuttle has been specially designed for practicality and ease-of-use.
The EpiShuttle has received Class 1 medical device certification.

The EpiShuttle is an award-winning flexible patient transport unit designed for the safe transportation of highly infectious soldiers on the battlefield.

Developed with the input of medics, patients, and clinical experts, the solution has been used to treat subjects with life-threatening diseases such as Ebola.

Medical isolation transportation solutions for military applications

The EpiShuttle has been specifically developed to offer optimal safety and ease-of-use, making it the ideal solution for the transportation of vulnerable patients on the front-line.

In addition to EpiShuttle’s suitability to transport soldiers with highly contagious diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), the EpiShuttle can also be used for patients with infections, including tuberculosis, measles, or multi-resistant bacteria.

EpiShuttle’s positive pressure mode is designed to protect vulnerable patients from the environment around them. The state-of-the-art ventilation system filters airborne pathogens, including MRSA, which can be potentially harmful to the most susceptible subjects such as burn victims or those recovering from cancer treatment.

Solutions for enhanced patient and healthcare protection

The EpiShuttle can be used in multifarious environments to provide medical treatment while ensuring the protection of both patients and healthcare professionals. A rigorous testing process has demonstrated EpiShuttle’s compliance with CEN 1789 and versatility for a range of land, sea, and air applications.

Multiple options can be supplied with the EpiShuttle, including adapters for several leading stretcher brands and an L-track attachment with universal brackets. This provides added assurance that the EpiShuttle can be secured safely with any vehicle or stretcher.

The EpiShuttle is an invaluable asset for armed forces to protect military personnel from an outbreak of a highly contagious disease. The solution is already in use with several organisation, including the National CBRNE Centre for Medicine in Norway, which has deployed the EpiShuttle to all five university hospitals in the country.

Resources to respond to the outbreak of contagious diseases

Armed forces across the world are often required to operate in regions affected by outbreaks of contagious diseases, as well as areas contaminated by chemical hazards. EpiGuard’s EpiShuttle can be an essential part of the response in both cases.

The EpiShuttle is in use with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as part of its response to the country’s Ebola crisis.

In positive pressure mode, the EpiShuttle can be used for the safe transportation of healthy subjects through areas contaminated by chemical hazards. The isolation unit also uses chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) filters to protect patients from hazardous environmental agents.

The EpiShuttle is certified as a Class 1 medical device and is stock listed with Nato (NSN 6530-25-162-4642).

Flexible patient transportation solutions for the defence industry

EpiShuttle is an adaptable solution that can be used for a range of demanding military applications.

Some of the key benefits and use areas for the EpiShuttle include:

Air ambulance: vibration testing and Nato standard decompression testing have been conducted on the EpiShuttle to ensure its suitability for fixed and rotor wing air ambulances.

Healthcare professional safety: transporting infected patients is challenging, especially when a high level of treatment and care is required. Without sufficient isolation and protection, there is a high risk that viruses can spread.

 Less personal protection equipment: using the EpiShuttle to transport patients negates the need for medical personnel to wear full personal protective equipment (PPE). This enables military professionals to work longer shifts, reducing the risk of mistakes due to fatigue or reduced situational awareness.

Patient safety: EpiShuttle’s innovative design facilitates several treatment options during patient loading and transport, including emergency procedures and intensive care. Medical personnel can gain access to a patient’s entire body via glove ports and food and medicine can easily be supplied.

Patient care: the unit is designed to provide patients with optimal comfort during transportation, featuring a soft mattress, leg support and an adjustable backrest. Transparent hardtop allows for improved visibility and communication for the patient.

The EpiShuttle can be disinfected and prepared for reuse in under two hours, resulting in minimal disruption to service during critical missions. This helps defence organisations save valuable time and money, and ensures that vehicles remain as operational as possible.

EpiGuard was founded at the Oslo University Hospital, Norway, in 2015 by a group of doctors, together with co-founders Inven2, Eker Group, and Hansen Protection.

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