INI Power Systems is a leading supplier of right-sized, man-portable, multi-fuel inverter generators and hybrid power solutions for deployment in defence industry applications.

The company’s highly reliable solutions are trusted by the US Military, national and international government agencies, as well as federal, state and local law enforcement organisations.

INI Power Systems focusses on the rapid iterative development of cost-effective material solutions that solve capability requirements while fulfilling established and emerging demands within the defence sector.

Reliable and flexible power solutions for harsh environments

Deployment to austere, unimproved environments requires portable, flexible and reliable power. INI Power’s right-sized, man-portable, multifuel, hybrid solutions can be trusted to turn the US DOD single fuel forward policy into a tactical advantage.

Our solutions are specially designed to be deployed in a wide range of military missions, including:

  • Comunications (C4/C5ISR)
  • Remote Sensor and Satelite Comms Power
  • Explosive ordnance disposal (EoD) and CBRNE defence
  • Disaster Response/Preparedness
  • Civil affairs
  • Infantry
  • Vehicle power requirements
  • Silent/special operations
  • Rescue missions and disaster response
  • Air traffic control

Multi-fuel generators and hybrid power systems for military deployment

INI Power offers an extensive product line to suite the wide variety of demands of the defence industry.

  • Dewey INI Power 2.2kW and 5kW Multi-Fuel Generators

This is the next generation of multi-fuel generators, replacing our 1kW and 2kW Legacy Series Generators. Both the 2.2kW and 5kW generators can be supplied with a 2,000 hour sustainment kit.

  • The Dewey INI Power ALLY (Autonomous Lightweight Lithium-ion hYbrid) Power Router and Storage

This solution is ideal for silent ops, providing critical sensitive equipment power, vehicle auxiliary power, as well as remote auto start generator control and monitoring.

  • Trinity Deployable Hybrid Power Kit (The next generation of this system will be available in 2022.

Offering unmanned, remote auto start generator control and monitoring with capability for extended run times, solar, liquid and propane fuels, paired with battery power management.

Diesel and hybrid power systems and generators

The company also offers a range of electronics diesel and hybrid systems. These include:

  • 2.0 kW 120V AC Portable Diesel Generator P/N: 95-531; NSN: 6115-01-435-1565
  • 2.0 kW  28V DC Portable Diesel Generator  P/N 95-501; (The Dewey Model – 501A) (PM-MEP Model 95-501A); NSN: 6115-01-435-1567
  • 28V DC Hybrid Auto-Start Generator (Open Frame 2kW) P/N: 100845-501
  • 28V DC Hybrid Auto-Start Generator (Open Frame 4kW) P/N: 101091-501
  • 220V 60Hz AC Portable Diesel Generator P/N: 100847-501
  • Battery Charging Auxiliary Power Units (BAPU)
  • 28V DC 3.5kW Generator P/N: 70107-501