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Light to Medium Wheeled Military Vehicles

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NIMR vehicles

NIMR Automotive is a major manufacturer of light to medium-wheeled military vehicles.

NIMR vehicles are in service with armed forces across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and have a reputation for versatility, ruggedness and performance. With comprehensive in-house design capabilities and state-of-the-art production facilities, the company offers a complete solution to meet defence requirements.

Utility, logistic, command and protected patrol vehicles

NIMR vehicles have the tactical mobility required to meet a wide range of operational requirements on the battlefield.

The company supplies utility, logistic and command variations, as well as patrol vehicles with a wide range of protection options.

NIMR Automotive specialises in wheeled vehicles for military applications.
Vehicles are suitable for field, off-road and protection operations.
The company offers mine-protected multipurpose vehicles for survivability and tactical mobility.
NIMR’s in-house engineering capabilities ensure functionality and production requirements are delivered quickly.

NIMR vehicles are designed to meet challenging duty-cycle requirements for off-road performance and specialist applications provide high levels of mobility, crew safety and reliability.

The AJBAN and HAFEET classes of vehicles provide a multipurpose platform for all military requirements. Capacities range from 9,000kg (AJBAN) at 13,000kg (HAFEET), and the product range varies from utility to fully protected patrol vehicles.

A universal chassis for both classes (4×4: ABJAN; 6×6; HAFEET) is used as a foundation to reduce maintenance, training and spare parts management.

All vehicles in these classes can be protected, and specific models are available for crew survivability with fully tested and certified cabins.

Mine-protected, multipurpose vehicles

The N35 class of 4×4 and 6×6 mine-protected multipurpose vehicles offers real survivability and tactical mobility.

Along with significant internal volume and payload, they enable multi-role application and allow for multiple customisation options.

The crossover nature of this vehicle class makes it the ideal choice for deployment in the volatile and unpredictable modern day theatre.

Systems integration on the NIMR vehicle platform

NIMR Engineering collaborates with suppliers of specialist technologies and materials, as well as automotive systems, for optimal vehicle performance, reliability and protection from aggressive threats in military environments.

The NIMR vehicle platform is ideal for a variety of mission systems. Integration through its electronic architecture facilitates installation of a range of solutions, such as the C4I and information, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities for complex weapon fits.

This flexibility enables NIMR to deliver the capability required for any mission.

In-house engineering, prototyping and testing services

NIMR’s engineering team brings extensive experience to the design of its vehicles, using the latest materials and subsystems to provide the highest level of performance and meet customer requirements.

The company continues to improve its range of vehicles, by incorporating comprehensive tests with its existing fleet in demanding environments. In-house prototyping capabilities ensure a quick turnaround time regarding functionality and production build requirements.

NIMR makes extensive use of the UAE’s natural environment and test facilities worldwide to ensure vehicle performance and reliability.

The company’s engineering team continually introduces design improvements to make sure that vehicles provide world-class military and security performance.

NIMR Engineering is delivering comprehensive production ready design packs, ranging from generic vehicle architecture (GVA) compliant electronic architecture to state-of-the-art survivability technologies. These include ergonomics, chassis dynamics, safety, reliability and harsh environment performance.

Press Releases


  • AJBAN 420 4x4 Logistics Support Vehicle

    AJBAN 420 is the latest vehicle in the series of AJBAN family of vehicles designed and manufactured by NIMR Automotive, a military vehicle's manufacturer based in the UAE.

  • AJBAN 440A Protected Patrol Vehicle

    AJBAN 440A is a multi-purpose protected patrol variant of the AJBAN-class of 4x4 tactical vehicles designed and developed by NIMR Automotive, a military vehicles manufacturer based in the UAE.

  • NIMR Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV)

    Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC) subsidiary NIMR Automotive unveiled its latest special forces vehicle, Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV), at the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in February.

  • AJBAN SOV (Special Operations Vehicle)

    AJBAN Special Operations Vehicle (SOV) is a new open-top, long-range 4x4 reconnaissance variant in the AJBAN family of vehicles developed by NIMR Automotive, a part of Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC), for special operations forces.

Products & services

  • N35 6x6

    The N35 family of vehicles brings together 40 years of experience in protected mobility.

  • N35 4x4

    The N35 provides the essential balance between firepower, survivability, mobility and cost for modern, conventional and asymetric operations.

  • HAFEET 6x6

    The HAFEET Class of 6x6 vehicles provides a multi-purpose platform for all military requirements at 13,000kg capacity, from utility vehicles to fully protected patrol vehicles.

  • AJBAN Vehicle Variants

    Carrying up to ten crew members, the Internal Security Vehicle (ISV) is equipped to deal with any internal security situation utilising audible and optical deterrents, integrated situational awareness and communication systems for inter-vehicle coordination.

NIMR Automotive
PO Box 91666
Tawazun Industrial Park
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