NIMR unveiled the Rapid Intervention Vehicle in February. Image courtesy of Ministère de la Défense.
The NIMR RIV is manned by four crew members. Image courtesy of Ministère de la Défense.
The RIV is air transportable by CH-47 Chinook twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter.


Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC) subsidiary NIMR Automotive unveiled its latest special forces vehicle, Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV), at the International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in February .

Designed in accordance with the international military standards, the purpose-built tactical ground vehicle is intended for use by the armed and special forces units to conduct reconnaissance, covert and special operations over long ranges.

The RIV was designed, engineered and tested by UK-based HORIBA MIRA over a period of one year. The vehicle is expected to undergo a series of trials later this year.

NIMR RIV design and features

The NIMR Rapid Intervention Vehicle is based on a 4×4 wheeled chassis and features a lightweight design with a roll cage frame. It is available in left-hand drive configuration.

The vehicle has a length of 4.89m, width of 2m, height of 1.81m, and wheelbase of 3.25m. Its gross and payload weights are 4,000kg and 1,500kg respectively. The payload capacity can be increased based on the customer’s requirements.

The RIV, in its standard configuration, can carry a driver and three crew members along with their equipment. It can be modified to incorporate up to six seats.

A self-recovery winch is mounted on the front of the vehicle for self recovery and other applications.

The vehicle is deployable either by land-based vehicles or a CH-47 Chinook twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter, internally or as an underslung load.

Armament of RIV

The NIMR RIV tactical ground vehicle can be armed with a number of light and medium machine guns. A 12.7mm machine gun is fitted on a pintle-mount assembly on the roof of the vehicle to defend light armoured vehicles, infantry and military installations.

Additional survivability for the occupants is provided by two pintle-mounted 5.56mm calibre light machine guns, one on the right-hand side of the crew cabin and the other in the passenger compartment. An automatic grenade launcher can be installed to engage enemy troops.

RIV self-protection

The Rapid Intervention Vehicle is equipped with under-body blast mitigation system for protection against shell blasts, projectiles and high-velocity munition fragments.

Ballistic protection for the vehicle’s occupants is provided by modular applique armour packs.

Command and control system

A C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence) system is installed to provide the vehicle operators with better situational awareness and command and control (C2) capabilities.

The onboard tactical communications system provides secure voice and data communications.


The NIMR RIV’s powerplant is located in the forward portion of the vehicle. It comprises a diesel engine coupled to an eight-speed fully-automatic transmission system. The engine develops an output power of 300hp and a torque of 600nm.

"Designed in accordance with the international military standards, the purpose-built tactical ground vehicle is intended for use by the armed and special forces units to conduct reconnaissance, covert and special operations over long ranges."

The vehicle comes with two circuit air-over hydraulic brakes, which provide increased safety by controlling two wheels each.

A battery management system (BMS) can be installed to monitor and control the rechargeable batteries in the vehicle.

NIMR RIV performance

The powerplant offers a maximum speed of 160km/h and a cruising range of 1,000km at 120kph. The vehicle can attain a speed of 100km/h in less than 11 seconds. It has a turning circle diameter of 15m and a fording depth of 0.5m, and has the ability to climb grades of 60% and steps of 0.3m.

Its high speed and power-to-weight ratio capabilities provide improved performance in operational conditions. The vehicle can be optionally provided with run flat inserts (RFI), central tyre inflation system (CTIS), and ride height control system for increased mobility on off-road terrains.

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