The AJBAN 420 logistics support vehicle was developed by NIMR Automotive. Image courtesy of NIMR Automotive.
The length of the 4x4 vehicle is 5.7m. Image courtesy of NIMR Automotive.
AJBAN 420 has a maximum speed of 110km/h. Image courtesy of NIMR Automotive.

AJBAN 420 is the latest vehicle in the series of AJBAN family of vehicles designed and manufactured by NIMR Automotive, a military vehicles manufacturer based in the UAE.

The AJBAN family of vehicles developed by NIMR include AJBAN internal security vehicle (ISV), AJBAN VIP military armoured vehicle, and AJBAN 450.

NIMR also manufactures the AJBAN 440A and the AJBAN special operations vehicle (SOV).

The new vehicle is intended to offer a dedicated logistics support solution to the armed forces and militaries across the globe.

AJBAN 420 was officially exhibited at the international defence exhibition Egypt Defence Expo 2018 (EDEX 2018) held in Cairo, in December 2018.

AJBAN 420 vehicle design and features

AJBAN 420 comes in 4×4 permanent all-wheel drive (AWD) configuration. The conventional layout of the vehicle features engine in the front, crew cabin in the middle, and cargo compartment at the rear.

The optimised hull design of the vehicle complies with the existing military standards. It offers higher lifespan to the operators compared to militarised commercial vehicles. The vehicle is available in two different configurations including a protected and an unprotected.

Cargo carrying capacity of the vehicle can be increased with the addition of a cargo trailer at the rear.

The armoured vehicle can be configured with additional equipment to carry a range of cargo or operate in different demographic conditions and can be customised based on user requirements.

It features a spacious cabin, fitted with a single-piece windshield, and can be manned by a crew of two members.

It also offers all-round vision to enhance the situational awareness of the crew.

The hull of the vehicle is fitted with two doors, one either side, allowing the entry and exit of the occupants. Two people can be seated in the cargo compartment to safeguard the laden inside.

Length and width of the logistics support vehicle are 5.7m and 2.3m, respectively. AJBAN 420 has a gross vehicle weight of 9,000kg and maximum payload carrying capacity of 3,500kg.

The turning radius required for the vehicle to make the smallest circular turn is 15m. The vehicle has a larger wheelbase of 3.3m and can operate in temperatures ranging between -19ºC and +49ºC.

Survivability features and equipment aboard

The vehicle protects the occupants from ballistic attacks, mine blasts, gun firings, and improvised electronic devices (IEDs).

The standard features of AJBAN 420 include run-flat inserts and a self-recovery winch fitted at the front. The vehicle can be optionally equipped with a fire suppression system, customised winterisation kit, and a battery management system (BMS).

Engine and performance

The AJBAN 420 4×4 logistics support vehicle is equipped with a Cummins diesel engine coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission system. The maximum power production capacity of the engine at 2,500rpm is 296hp (221kW). The engine generates a maximum torque of 1,100Nm at 1,500rpm.

The maximum speed attained by the vehicle is approximately 110km/h, while the cruising range is 600km at a speed of 100km/h. The vehicle features an advanced dual circuit air-over-hydraulic brake system.

The mobility of the vehicle is further enhanced by a centre tire inflation system (CTIS), which maintains the required pressure in each tire. All-wheel independent double wishbone suspension system absorbs abrupt shocks encountered while travelling in rough terrains.

The AJBAN 420 is capable of negotiating grades of 60% and can ford water obstacles with a depth of 1m and can cross vertical steps of 400mm height.