HAFLEET 6x6 vehicles

The HAFEET Class of 6×6 vehicles provides a multi-purpose platform for all military requirements at 13,000kg capacity, from utility vehicles to fully protected patrol vehicles.

A universal 6×6 chassis is utilised for a common logistic footprint for the user to minimise the burden of training, maintenance and spare parts management.

All vehicles in the HAFEET Class can be protected, and specific protected models are included for crew survivability with fully tested and certified cabins.

The base platform utilises a six cylinder inline diesel engine producing 300hp in standard form, with 360hp available as an option. The fully automatic powershift transmission is mated to the NIMR two speed dropbox and provides drive to the NIMR fully independent
double wishbone portal axles.

This provides high ground clearance and, coupled with full differential locking and Central Tyre Inflation System, ensures outstanding tactical mobility.

The vehicle is configured with a generic vehicle compliant electronic architecture providing intelligent power management, battlefield management systems and capacity for integration with communication, battlefield and weapons.

NIMR can provide full system integration of the users chosen C4ISTAR equipment and advanced weapon systems on to all vehicles in the HAFEET Class.

The modular configuration of the vehicles allows for multi-mission variants to suit the user requirements, and NIMR Engineering can develop bespoke configurations from the base vehicle architecture if required.

Variants of the HAFEET line include logistic and utility vehicles in single cabin cargo and double cabin cargo variants, which are
unarmoured logistic vehicles with high payload and mobility, capable of adaption and system integration to meet any multi-mission requirement.

Also available are protected double cabin cargo patrol vehicles, fitted as standard with a roof-mounted gun ring and capable of being integrated with a variety of defensive systems, from high-calibre weapons to rocket launchers.

Mission ready for integration with user specified C4ISTAR systems, these vehicles are tested and certified to provide crew protection against IED, ballistic and blast threats. The HAFEET provides high payload and can accommodate and be integrated with any specialist defence or weapon system, from radar detection to missile launchers.

All the HAFEET vehicles utilise the NIMR double wishbone, independent suspension portal axles, fitted with coil springs and hydraulic dampers to provide outstanding mobility in all terrains. The vehicle architecture has been developed to meet harsh desert conditions worldwide but is equally capable in all climates and environments.

With steep approach and departure angles, full central tyre inflation system run flats tyres as standard, and a high power-to-weight
ratio, the NIMR HAFEET provides the user with the performance required to complete the mission.

The HAFEET Class features variants with a high degree of protection to enhance survivability of the crew to attack from roadside IEDs, under-vehicle mines and ballistic threats. These tested and certified vehicles provide for physical crew security. Roof mounted self-defence weapons, integrated command and control and mission systems provide additional crew survivability.

The HAFEET Class provides a multi-mission capable platform suitable for mounting and integrating a multitude of weapons and mission systems. The electronic architecture ensures communication integration and the advanced power management can both enable the mission and protect the vehicle.