Almamet is one of the largest producers of high-quality magnesium powders and granules. Our products rank amongst the best in the world and are used by the leading manufacturers of military flares and pyrotechnics. Almamet starts where others leave off.

Infrared countermeasures (IRCM) and missile countermeasure systems

Where ultra-fine and tightly controlled atomised magnesium powders are required for the ever increasing need for missile countermeasure systems Almamet technology is at the forefront of innovation. We ensure that our countermeasures specified powders are amongst the best on the market through continual dialogue with end users and national standards authorities.

Research carried out and continually updated allows Almamet to supply to the current DEF STAN 13/30, MIL-M382C, MIL-P 1406B (MU) and many other customer variants.

Almamet’s ability to supply a complete range of cut, blended and spheroidal powders makes it a supplier of choice for customers that require unique and specific blends for their ship defence/ decoy systems.

Almamet is one of the largest producers of high-quality magnesium powders and granules in the world.
Almamet specialize in infrared and missile countermeasure solutions.
Almamet also provide a leading range of battlefield illumination solutions.
Almamet can supply products in conformance with all defence and safety standards.

Battlefield illuminations

As with many other pyrotechnic applications, Almamet’s expertise in providing unique and specific customer blends gives it a special position in the battlefield illumination market allowing the product scientists to tailor make their flares to meet all battlefield conditions.

Atomised magnesium powders

Almamet is at the forefront of magnesium powder technology through new atomised powder projects and improving existing cutting and milling technology of magnesium powders. This allows for powders of various morphology and size to be blended into customer-designed munitions.

Military-standard magnesium powders

Almamet can supply magnesium powders in conformance to all known national standards; namely MIL-382C: MIL-P 14067B(MU): DEF STAN 13/130 .

Where the customer requires specific shape, and distribution that is outside the norm, Almamet is usually the first point of contact in trying to achieve this.

About Almamet

Formed 25 years ago, Almamet has strived to be the best in every sector of business in which it operates, the result being that it is now one of the world’s largest supplier of magnesium powders and granules. With operations on four continents and a strong presence in the defence, chemical and steel industries. Growing to today’s annual turnover in excess of 40 million Euros. Its headquarters is based in Ainring southern Germany where the commercial and technical activities are controlled.