Mexican-based armoured glass specialist Secur Glass develops custom armour solutions and services for luxury vehicles. In accordance to individual customer requirements we can offer either total or tactical armouring that can provide ballistic protection levels ranging from standard handguns to military-grade high-velocity rifles. The key focus of our armour products is to protect the vehicle and passengers as much as possible whilst not compromising vehicle mobility and discretion.

Mobile and discreet armoured luxury cars

When designing or modifying and armoured car, manoeuvrability and discretion are as important to the passengers’ safety as the strength and and quality of the armour itself. The word ‘bullet-proof’ is a misnomer: even the most heavilly armoured vehicle cannot withstand an attack that is prolongued and sustained enough.

For this reason, it is crucial that an armoured car posesses the necessary qualities to protect it from being ambushed and cornered. Firstly, an armoured car should be as indistinguishable as possible from its factory-model counterparts to prevent potential attackers from identifying it and to enable it to blend easily into other traffic for succesful evasion. Secondly, the car must be mobile enough to perform evasive driving manoeuvres and escape the area of danger as quickly as possible.

When armouring a vehicle, Secur Glass will always strive to provide the best possible protection as stipulated by the client whilst leaving the vehicle’s mobility and appearance as close to the factory model as possible, through use of advanced lightweight ballistic protection materials and our industry expertise in tactical armouring. Our modified vehicles also retain the original factory features.

Secur Glass armour solutions provide excellent protection without compromising a vehicle’s mobility or performance.
Secur Glass armour can protect against a range of ballistic threat levels according to each client’s request.
Secur Glass aim to provide maximum protection whilst retaining a car’s factory appearance and features.

All of our vehicle armour is tested and certified by acclaimed independent laboratories.

Ballistic glass for vehicles

One of our main competitive advantages is the quality of the ballistic glass we use. Our engineering department has accumulated years of experience regarding ballistics and behaviour of materials. The laminated ballistic glass we manufacture and use is tried and tested thoroughly.

Tactical metal application for vehicle ballistic protection

In order to keep added weight under control, steel, aluminium and titanium are used sparingly, alone or combined, in the non-glass areas of the vehicle.

Fiber-based compounds and ceramics for ballistic protection

Our vehicle armouring solutions incorporate state-of-the-art fiber-based compounds such as Kevlar®, Twaron®, Spectra® and UD® to provide

impact-penetration resistance with very little added weight. Their use allows for excellent unencumbered ballistic protection. We also use special compounds for specific ballistic purposes.

Bespoke vehicle armouring services

Secur Glass understands that a vehicle’s armour requirements are going to vary from client to client. Subsequently, we work closely alongside our customers to ensure that we provide a truly bespoke vehicle armouring service which lives up to each client’s individual needs and specifications.