JHL Communication Technology (JHLCT) is an independent contractor and distributor of tactical information and communication solutions for defence and security forces. We have wide experience in system design, integration, mobility management, network enabled communications, integrated voice and data communication and robust communication topologies.

Communication equipment for military environments

JHLCT’s extensive portfolio consists of carefully selected products and systems, such as radio-, modem-, network-, data terminal-, messaging-, computer and intercom-equipment of some of the world’s leading and most innovative defence related industries. These proven and state-of-the-art products have been field-tested by several defence forces in military environments and by peace-keeping forces in multi-national operations under sponsorship by NATO, European Union, United Nations, and other internationally-recognised organisations.

JHLCT is experienced in the integration of information and communication technology, and the design and deployment of tactical information and communications systems for use in combat scenarios and peacekeeping missions.

Additionally, we specialise in adapting and ruggedising commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products and systems for harsh tactical environments.

A messaging terminal for HF or VHF/UHF radios, creating a digital network from base to frontline.
The GRIP radio-IP gateway gives radio users the ability to establish calls from the tactical network radio terminals to standard IP phones.
The BLC-201 field telephone is a rugged, lightweight and waterproof analogue field telephone.
The lightweight antenna mast that you can store and transport in your MIL Bergen side pouch.
We provide a full range of solutions to support the deployment of IP-based tactical networks.
DC/DC converters can be deployed with voltages up to 1,800W.

Tactical networking for mission-critical information and communication systems

JHLCT’s tactical network solutions offer the technology to meet the challenges for mission-critical information and communication systems in a well-designed and cost-effective tactical network architecture adapted to customer specifications.

We provide a full range of solutions to support the deployment of IP-based tactical networks, such as simple wires, optical fibre ethernet converters, vehicular power supplies, sophisticated and rugged servers, router/switches, radio access points and radio-VoIP gateways.

JHLCT offers a complete set of products to implement a state-of-the-art, advanced tactical network that ties the different roles and missions together in one integrated non-hierarchical system, making the different domain areas fully integrated and configurable within mission needs.

Tactical radio systems for military frequency bands

JHLCT is a distributor of multi-band, multi-mode tactical radio systems, featuring fast frequency hopping, embedded encryption, GPS, ALE 2G, ALE 3G Have Quick and IP data capabilities. The tactical radio systems covering the military frequency bands for short-, medium- and long-haul communication links include satellite links. A wide range of accompanying accessories is also available: vehicular docking stations, power amplifiers, consoles for remote operation, external HF ATU for vehicular applications, power combiners, transportable repeater stations and antennas.

Personal role radio for difficult radio operability environments

The personal role radio operates in 2.4GHz frequency band using spread spectrum waveform – a combination of time hopping, frequency hopping and OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplex).

Designed for operation within groups of up to 30 users in areas with difficult radio operability, such as inside buildings; allows for full duplex communication in ad-hoc digital networks with no additional infrastructure required. Standard features include: automatic rebroadcasting (packet routing), space diversity transmission and reception (two transmitters and two receivers in each radio), high-speed data transmission, long battery life and relay.

Digital (IP) intercom systems

The digital intercom system is the solution for vehicular and shelter-based applications. It enables intercommunication between crew members and gives them access to radio equipment providing voice and data communications, either over the air or through standard copper or ruggedised fibre-optic cables.

Voice over IP (VoIP) functionality for inter-vehicular communication and connection to IP-based tactical backbones are also possible. Wireless terminals and wireless headsets are available for wire-free communications; in this way, a crew member outside the vehicle can communicate with the on-board crew and even communicate through the radios installed inside the vehicle. The equipment features complex digital signal processing algorithms and may include active noise reduction (ANR) headsets to be fully compatible with extremely noisy environments such as tracked vehicles.

Field telephone systems for integrating networks and technologies

JHLCT offers a wide range of solutions for field wired communications, enabling the integration of radio networks, remote or local wired networks and providing interconnectivity with public telephone networks, either analogue or digital.

The portable field digital switchboard is suitable for mobile and fixed military operations. It features a full set of advanced functionalities and interfaces for state-of-the-art terminals, legacy telephone sets and switchboards. The digital switchboard enables the armed forces to get the most advanced technologies while using old, but still operational, equipment. A range of accessories is available, such as field telephone sets, distribution boxes, rechargeable batteries and chargers, as well as functional testers for maintenance support.

Military messaging

JHLCT can offer a unique variation of military messaging, from Morse, ACP127 up to STANAG 5066, STANAG 4406/ACP123 systems for tactical and strategic environments.

HF e-mail communications

The combat communications suite (CCS) provides the ability to send and receive e-mails efficiently and reliably through HF radio links and the internet by integrating the internet and HF e-mail. CCS is compatible with standard e-mail applications like Microsoft Outlook™, and informs the user about HF e-mail transmission success/failure through confirmation e-mails.

Military message handling systems

MMHS is the latest generation of strategic and tactical military message handling systems. The system provides message transfers to tactical networks integrating headquarters with army, naval and airborne mobile radio units, in accordance with STANAG 4406 and in such a way that substantially higher data throughputs than with the ACP127-based systems are achieved.