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COFDM IP HD Wireless Video and Telemetry Links

adaptiveRF is a designer and manufacturer of specialist COFDM IP wireless links.

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adaptiveRF is a designer and manufacturer of specialist COFDM IP wireless links. Our COFDM wireless links are bi-directional and ideal for combined HD video payload and command and control links in UGVs, EOD / bomb disposal robots and unmanned systems. Other applications include wireless video surveillance, perimeter protection, first responder and homeland security.

COFDM wireless video links with advanced technology

Our COFDM wireless links use proprietary advanced technology and offer many advantages over standards-based equipment. The token-based TDMA protocol ensures low latency data transfers and eliminates ‘blind node’ issues.

IP data rates of >20Mbit/sec are achievable on links with good signal-to-noise and, as the link deteriorates, adaptive modulation ensures that the best achievable data rate and range is maintained.

COFDM wireless links for UGV, remote surveillance and perimeter protection.
COFDM OEM module for UGV and other unmanned systems.
COFDM portable units with a built-in rechargeable battery give around two hours of use.
COFDM portable units have PWR and AUX connectors on rear and PWR, LINK and TX/RX indicators on front.
COFDM IP67 outdoor units for perimeter protection and HD IP video links.
Network topology and link rates are displayed on the system configurator.
COFDM modules offer plug–and-play simplicity.
The IPM2 provides true portability and rapid deployment.
Our downconverter modules, RF PA boards and LNA modules for OEM integration.

As the IPM2 units are IP-based, they can be used to provide connectivity to IP-enabled systems and net-centric devices. Simple mesh networks can be established and operating range can be extended with the repeater function. The units are plug-and-play and for most applications only power needs to be applied; the units will link automatically. For covert ‘hides’, the ‘Hide and Sleep’ mode allows units to ‘sleep’ and will awaken only when other nearby IPM2 activity is detected. Security sensitive applications can use the built-in hardware-based 128/256-bit AES encryption.

The same core electronics are used throughout the IPM2 product range so all IPM2 units will operate with all other units in this class. In addition, as our IPM2 units meet the requirements of EN 302-064 (wireless video links), IPM2 equipment can be used at 0.5W EIRP on the UK unlicenced 1,394MHz frequency band.

Easily integrated COFDM OEM modules

The IPM2 OEM module has been designed for easy integration into vendor equipment. To operate, only a 9.5V-15V DC supply, RF and Ethernet connections need to be made to the unit. If required, unit and link statuses can be read through the console port.

The OEM module has its own built-in cooling fan and its speed can be adjusted to suit the enclosure. When the units are powered, they will link automatically.

COFDM fully portable units

The IPM2B fully-portable unit incorporates a NiMH rechargeable battery, allowing it to be used autonomously. The IPM2B will operate for around two hours on a fully-charged battery. +12V or +5V auxiliary power can be provided from the unit to power a camera or other devices. For applications where a power source is available, the portable unit can be supplied without the internal battery.

Outdoor COFDM unit

The IP67 unit is ready for use in an outdoor environment and can be easily pole or plate-mounted. Indicators provide PWR, LINK, RSSI, TX/RX and CHANNEL status and, if required, the indicators can be extinguished. Enabling the audible RSSI feature helps with antenna alignment. The unit has POE or 12V-24V AC/DC power supply options.

COFDM system configurator

The IPM2 configurator is a Windows application, which can be used to configure and manage the COFDM IPM2 devices remotely. A network connection to one ‘local’ device allows all other ‘remote’ devices to be viewed and securely configured over-the-air.

The tool searches for linked IPM2 devices and builds a topology map of all directly and indirectly visible devices. Detailed information is also extracted and displayed in tabular and textual formats.

Selected IPM2 devices can then be configured to set security features and modify key operating parameters.

L-band downconverters, RF PAs and LNAs

In addition to the COFDM range of products, adaptiveRF designs and manufactures a range of OEM RF products, including RF power amplifier boards, diversity L-band downconverter modules and LNA modules. Our L-band diversity downconverter is a popular product for use in the receive chain of other vendor’s COFDM simplex links.

White Papers

  • COFDM Wireless IP Bridge - IPM2 Product Overview

    IPM2 is a range of professional COFDM IP transceivers, which can create secure wireless point-to-point, point-to-multi-point and simple mesh links for transmission and reception of high-speed data for 10/100 Ethernet enabled devices over extended distances.

Press Releases


  • Green Dragon Tactical Loitering Missile

    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled Green Dragon, the latest addition to its loitering munitions family, at the Singapore Airshow held in February 2016.

  • Spider Anti-Tank Missile System

    Spider is a fibre-optic guided, man-in-the-loop tactical missile system intended to destroy armoured military vehicles and artillery systems.

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