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Training Munitions and Equipment for Military and Law Enforcement

PR Tactical Corporation provides realistic, safe, affordable training for military and law enforcement personnel.

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PR Tactical Corporation provides munitions and equipment for realistic, safe, and affordable training for military and law enforcement personnel. Our products stress-inoculate warriors against the disorienting effects of explosions and battlefield chaos. PR Pyro products are cost-effective, hands-on and provide elite-level training munitions for every unit.

Our purpose is to support militaries in their training for the war on terror and to help prepare local, state and federal law enforcement for the increasing threats against civilian targets on the home front. Although you cannot predict an attack, you can prepare for the next one by training like you fight.

Cost-effective combat training activities

Realistic and continuous training is the best predictor of success and survival in combat. PR Tactical pyrotechnic battle-scene effects, OPFOR equipment simulators and initiators put the power to design cost-effective training activities – specific to the exact needs of your personnel – where it belongs: in your hands.

PR-Pyro Mini Blast Munition: new compact waterproof training munition with sharp 130dB to 140dB report simulates a variety of battle scene effects.
PR-Pyro Magnum RPG3S: new RPG munition with longer 100m range. Fires fro the RPG Launcher Simulator. Tracer comet leaves a smokey trail and burns out in the air.

PR-Pyro™ training systems

PR-Pyro products are developed based on the experiences of combat veterans and training experts to effectively simulate realistic operational scenarios.

Groundfire and launchable munitions / simulators

PR Tactical endeavours to ensure training programmes are as authentic an experience as possible; this includes the use of groundfire and launchable munitions and similators. Some of the groundfire components our training program uses include:

  • IED
  • Mini IED
  • Waterproof IED
  • Smokes (remote initiation and throwable 2min to 20min duration)
  • Fire bomb
  • Mortar hit
  • Throwable grenade

For increased battlefield simulation, PR Tactical also employs the use of launchable munitions and environment simulators, such as:

  • RPG 30mm and 38mm (tracer and air blast)
  • SAM 50mm and 60mm (tracer and air blast)
  • AAA battery 22mm and 30mm (tracer only)
  • Mortar (whistle and air blast)

Opposing force (OPFOR) equipment

One vital element of battlefield simulation is the inclusion of opposing force munitions, in order for forces to react accurately in their future missions. Some of the OPFOR equipment PR Tactical provides are shoulder-fired RPG/SAM launcher 50mm and 60mm (tracer and air blast), IED simulator stands, 60mm mortar/SAM launchers and suicide vests (pyro and non-pyro).

Encrypted wireless initiators and firing systems (1/2 mile range)

In order to provide the most technologically realistic simulation available, PR Tactical provides 12-shot initiator kits, deluxe 72-shot initiator kits, military-spec wired initiator boxes and remote initiator kits in four-unit configurations.

PR Tactical provides encrypted remote command initiated kits in two, six and 12 cue configurations as well as traditional military-spec firing boxes.

EOD products

PR Tactical can also incorporate EOD simulation into training programs, with our product range of fuse wires in 50m, 100m, 200m (NSN:6145-01-587-6267) sizes, the fuse wire dispenser kit for EOD robots and shock tube dispenser kit for EOD robots.

Safe battle scene simulation

PR-Pyro training systems create the blast, flash, explosive sound, heat, smoke and smell of explosions without the dangers of overpressure, fragmentation, shrapnel and extreme decibel levels.

Cost-effective military training packages

Unlike many companies that bury the munitions cost in acomprehensive contract, PR Tactical trains a client’s key personnel at their site and they in turn conduct your training. As a result, clients have control of their expenses and can direct the emphasis on their specific needs.

PR-Pyro products are affordable, and volume discounts are also available. These products are manufactured to the highest international pyrotechnical standards at state-of-the-art facilities in the US and the UK.

PR Tactical gives its customers great flexibility when ordering; clients only buy the equipment and pyrotechnics they need, at a time that is suitable for them.

PR Tactical conducts factory-authorised, hands-on, key personnel training at our clients’ facilities to help them maximise the benefits, which include:

  • Customised training modules specifically tailored to complement the products in your training arsenal and the level of experience of your trainers
  • Classroom training, field training, and ongoing consulting to keep your trainers updated on the latest developments in pyrotechnic training aids

About PR Tactical

PR Tactical is run by experienced veterans in the law enforcement and defence industries, with the knowledge, skills and connections to provide comprehensive training services to clients.

PR Tactical is a US Federal Contractor Verified Vendor

The company sells to the US military; federal, state, and local public safety agencies; and certain government training contractors in support of military operations; foreign military and law enforcement organisations approved by the US State Department and/or the US Department of Commerce. Our pyrotechnic simulators are DOT hazard class 1.4G, "Articles, Pyrotechnic" and shippable via surface or air and are ATF exempt. Material safety data sheet details and EX numbers are available upon request.


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