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Unit 8, Swan Business Centre , Osier Way , MK18 1TB,Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Unit 8, Swan Business Centre , Osier Way , MK18 1TB,Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

i-bodi Technology is an innovative leader in project research, development and manufacturing. We specialise in developing computer-controlled test platforms for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protective clothing and respirator evaluation. All our equipment is built to order, and we can either modify or adapt any of the equipment we currently build or design new test equipment to your specific requirements.

Porton Man

The Porton Man was designed for the testing of chemical and biological (CB) protective suits and equipment. The Porton Man is a computer-controlled mannequin that when attached to its drive frame, can be made to walk, march, run, sit, kneel, climb stairs and lift its arms as if to sight a weapon just like an infantry soldier. It is manufactured to exact anthropometric data and has over a hundred sensors to record data, enabling scientists to carry out real-time analysis.

Fully-Automated Anthropometrically Correct Sweating Mannequin

This Sweating Mannequin System was designed for the testing of chemical and biological (CB) protective suits and equipment. It has the same range of movements as the Porton Man but in addition the torso can also twist as the arms move back and forth during the running and walking actions and it has a heated surface that enables it to sweat.

The heated areas comprise of 11 zones that can be individually controlled to temperatures between 25°C and 36°C. The sweat points that can be configured to produce up to 1ml per minute (±10%), giving the mannequin a total sweat rate of up to 3.7 litres an hour.

Chemically Resistant Automated Mannequin and Head-form

This system consists of a mannequin and separate upper body head-form for the testing of chemical and biological protective suits and head gear. It is a lightweight, articulated mannequin with the same range of movements as the Porton Man however the only means of support are at its hands, face and feet.

There is also an interchangeable upper body head-form, for use in smaller test chambers and temporary environmental analysis tents. Both the upper body head-form and mannequin have a soft, chemically resistant elastomer skin at garment locus points to provide a realistic seal. This material was specifically developed by i-bodi for this application.

Static Respirator Head-form

All our Respirator Testing Head-forms comply to ISO standards and are suitable for testing RPD’s Respiratory Protective Devices. The i-bodi Technology head-forms come in a range of sizes including Small, Medium, Large, Short/Wide and Long/Narrow. Each head-form has a stainless- steel ISO 16900-5 trachea which, is designed to be attached to a digital breathing machine, (such as the i-bodi DBM) to simulate live participant breathing.

The front of the face has a 30 Shore Hardness elastomer face skin, (different Shore Hardness can be provided), to provide a less resistant locus point for a respirator. The head-form has two sampling ports in the trachea and a further sample port in the right eye. The under-skull is made from a cast aluminium filled resin, providing some thermal mass, and the whole system is mounted on a robust stainless-steel base.

A heated and sweating system can be added to our head-forms for the evaluation of the fogging and ice propagation in respirators. This head-form is split into three individually heated zones and accommodates twenty-two independently dosed sweat zones mapped across the face and scalp. Visual feedback is from a camera in each eye and the data provided by the control program gives a comprehensive report of when fogging occurred and under what conditions it formed.

Fully Animatronic Respirator Testing Head-form

This Fully Animatronic Respirator Testing Head-Form simulates the realistic movements (including the human lip, jaw, and neck movements) and breathing routines of combat field operatives. It has been developed to provide fully controllable and repeatable trials to enable for the analyses the functionality of respirators. Any combination of movements and breathing patterns can be used, giving the user complete control of any test configuration It is suitable for use in chemically abrasive chambers.

Other Test Platforms

The High-Temperature Head and Torso Mannequin is designed for use in the testing of clothing and headgear in a high-temperature challenging environment. The head and torso are of medium size and the head-form contains an ISO 16900-5 trachea. The head surface is made of heat resistant silicone rubber and is fixed over a machined aluminium core which provides the thermal mass. The neck and torso are made from a fire retarded GRP.

Our Convective Cold Hands (EN511-2006) product is designed to measure how well a glove can withstand both convective and contact cold. It is made from carbon composite and is heated to provide a uniform surface temperature to simulate that of a human hand. There are two measuring zones, the hand and the forearm. Both areas are heated to the same temperature and the temperature loss of each one is recorded to enable you to measure the effectiveness of the gloves.

DBM-01 Digital Breathing Machine

The DBM-01 has been developed as a stand alone unit with a USB connection to a PC and for use in conjunction with head forms or mannequins to simulate live participant breathing in respirator and head-wear evaluation studies and similar applications.

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