Hybrid Power Solutions produces patent pending portable battery systems and customised energy solutions for a variety of industrial markets, including the mining, construction, railway, marine and military sectors.

Founded in 2015 in response to a pressing need for safer, cleaner and more effective portable electric systems, the company is built on a commitment to create and provide renewable, reusable green technology innovations. We are the go-to provider for battery solutions within Canada.

Portable battery systems and clean energy solutions for the defence sector

Hybrid Power Solutions prides itself on running an ethical business practice in a fast-passed high-growth market. We are committed to listening to our customers and take real world action in the development of our products. Our team provides you with not just a product, but a complete solution.

Say goodbye to noise fumes and fuel and hello to the future of clean energy. Our revolutionary lightweight and portable lithium-ion battery packs are designed to deliver maximum power with little to no maintenance.

Reliable and safe power battery solutions for the military

We design and manufacture both custom and off-the-shelf power solutions for military operations. With no noise, fumes or fuel required, our battery solutions are an easy plug-and-play power alternative for special operations and overseas units.

Our portable power packs are the perfect solution when access to power is needed in remote or hard to access areas. Small, lightweight and easy to store, our generator alternatives work just as well on a base as they do on the back of a truck.

Furthermore, our systems make no noise and produce no fumes, offering a safe and reliable alternative to other power sources. We also design custom, drop-in systems for military vehicles


Silent FOB Power

  • Drop in power anywhere on the field of operations and combine with folding solar panels to create a microgrid system. Power computers, tablets, radios and lights in complete silence with no heat signature.

Special Operations

  • Fits on the back of any vehicle, small or large and gets you power anywhere you need it.

Humanitarian Support

  • Combined with solar, the Batt Pack Energy powers anything form lights to water filtration systems ensuring portable power is available to all with no need for fuel or logistics.

All of our products are proudly made in Ontario, Canada, and are built for all weather conditions.