Romtes Technologies specialises in the development and production of interactive live-fire targets and tactical training target systems for military and law enforcement agencies.

Tactical training solutions for the military

Romtes has developed into a global innovator of tactical training solutions and services, including range integration and combat training centre design and construction. The Romtes team includes leaders in their fields with engineering, design, tactical, and operational experience.

Romtes’ interactive target systems have been chosen by military, special operations, security service and counterterrorist teams across Israel. These units use Romtes’ targets to improve their expertise and tactical capabilities.

Romtes’ interactive systems are also in demand worldwide. and have been chosen by Special Forces units worldwide.

The SCT system can be static or dynamic.
The SCT provides instant feedback to aid training.
Each individual SCT system can absorb between 600 800 hits per target.
The SCT system is suitable for scenario-based training.
All ammunition calibres are compatible with the SCT.
The SCT is modular and lightweight, making it a highly mobile solution.
Romtes offers a training solution that is cost-effective and safe.
Romtes products can be used for live-fire drills, assault team tactics and sniper training.
The interactive system only records direct hits, making it incredibly accurate.
The SCT sensors provde 98% scoring accuracy.

Short circuit interactive training systems

The Romtes training concept includes the patented Short Circuit Target (SCT). The SCT interactive system offers instant live-fire feedback, providing reliable training opportunities that are accurate, cost-effective and safe.

The SCT is user-friendly, lightweight, mobile, and modular. It’s sensors and displays provide the shooter with immediate and highly accurate (nearly 98%).

The SCT system can be used with all ammunition calibers, and records only direct hits from the fired projectile. Each SCT can absorb 600-800 hits per target, making it one of the most economical live-fire training systems available.

The SCT provides flexibility that can meet all training requirements; it can be static and stationary, or dynamic and scenario-based.

The system is designed for all types of live-fire drills, from static shooting, assault team tactics, to dynamic and mobile scenarios. The SCT is ideal for basic and advanced sniper training.

Accurate training solutions for the civilian market

Romtes’ SCT is suitable for the US civilian and law enforcement market, providing a significant upgrade to existing targets and technologies.

Due to an immediate 98% detection rate and multiple hit zones, the Romtes SCT saves training time, reduces ammunition expenditures, and provide real-world tactical scenarios while increasing range safety and efficiency.

About Romtes

Romtes is an Israeli firm with almost 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing training solutions for the military and security forces.

The company’s training products have been used by the elite of Israel’s special operations order of battle, including the Ya’ma’m, the police national counterterrorist unit and Flotilla 13, Israel’s naval commandos.