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Diuk Arches

High-Quality, Durable Hangar Solutions for Military Applications

Diuk Arches manufactures Middle Eastern steel arch buildings, as well as storage, agricultural and industrial solutions.

Kibbutz Mahanayim,
12315 Israel


Diuk Arches is the sole manufacturer of Middle Eastern steel arch buildings, and one of the leading manufacturers for storage, agricultural and industrial solutions.

The company provides steel and metal building solutions for military, social, commercial and vehicle applications worldwide.

Multi-purpose steel hangars for military and government use

Diuk’s versatile buildings are an ideal solution for military / police posts, shelters, housing, mining camps, portable offices / studios, construction housing / field offices, portable emergency clinics and cabins.

They are designed to provide both functionality and comfort, as well as withstand adverse environments to offer comfortable barracks for military personnel along with secure equipment buildings.

The flexibility of the arch-based architecture enables low-cost acquisition, modular building transport, fast assembly and long-term durability, with no maintenance required.

Diuk’s steel arches are produced quickly and can be supplied for immediate delivery to worldwide ports.

Steel garage buildings for automobile and vehicle storage solutions

Diuk’s pre-engineered steel garages are a simple, cost-effective way to protect cars and trucks from outside elements.

The company’s metal garages offer space for storing fleet vehicles or can be used as an industrial workspace.

Industrial hangars for cost-effective storage and equipment solutions

Diuk’s industrial hangars provide a cost-effective solution for heavy equipment and supply storage, while its steel hangars offer column-free interiors with unlimited lengths and widths of up to 30m for considerable space.

All hangars can be fully customised with sliding doors, insulation, vents, windows and skylights, and can be assembled in a few days or weeks.

Diuk industrial hangars are also used by clients for heavy equipment storage, truck and part garages, truck transfer centres and office space. Each hangar is accompanied by a 20-year warranty and a range of construction methods.

Custom aircraft hangars for air plan storage and aircraft / helicopter repair

Diuk’s durable steel hangars offer protection for aircraft and helicopters from adverse environments, as well as security and affordability for client air plans and storage requirements.

Provided with an assembly manual, maintenance-free hangars are suitable for light aircraft storage and capable of enduring earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and heavy snow / rain.

Diuk’s aircraft hangar is energy efficient and offers cost-effective cooling in summer or heating in winter. The low-maintenance aspects of each building, along with unlimited size options and high ceilings, provide optimal aircraft storage conditions.

About Diuk Arches

Diuk Arches is an Israeli-based company that was first established in 1970 as part of the Diuk Group.

The firm is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of steel arch buildings and cold-formed arch constructions that are tailored to the local environment and client requirements.

Diuk serves a wide client base with an aim to supply practical, affordable and long-lasting arches worldwide using innovative technologies and applications.

Hangar Solutions for Military Applications

Diuk Arches is a leader in the manufacture and supply of Steel Span Buildings, linking the client with a durable, cost-effective and proven solution for housing, communities, agriculture, aviation, military and industry.

Diuk Arches

Kibbutz Mahanayim