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Onboard Optical Equipment for Military Vehicles

OPTSYS, a subsidiary of Groupe NEXTER, is established in Saint-Etienne in the heart of the Pôle Optique et Vision.

7 rue Salvadore Dali,
BP 505,
42007 Saint Etienne cedex 1,
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OPTSYS, a subsidiary of NEXTER Group, is established in Saint-Etienne in the heart of the Pôle Optique et Vision since 1967. OPTSYS is the French specialist and one of the European leaders in the field of optical and protected vision equipment for armoured vehicles.

For more than forty years, OPTSYS has been designing, manufacturing and marketing onboard opto-mechanical and optronic systems for use by the land defence industries.

Products in detail

We have a wide range of day periscope (for driving or observation). All our day periscopes can be adapted to your needs and requirements as you can choose options like deicing, demisting, laser protection….

Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE): Day/Night periscope and video periscope. We have developed a range of night driver vision enhancement system which can be adapted regarding to your needs.

OPTSYS has the background, capabilities and technical skills for modernising onboard optical or optronic equipment on all kinds of old or modern military vehicles and thus extend their lifetime.
OPTSYS takes part both in the creation of new products and in the upgrading of existing optical and optronic products.
ViPer provides a day and night perimeter vision solution integrating the possibility to simultaneously record (and take pictures) from 8 cameras over 6 hours onto the hard disk of current laptop PCs.

OPTSYS 360° Local Situational Awareness System: ViPer system.

This system enables a 360° vision in an armoured vehicle :

  • Protection during troops embarking/disembarking
  • Protection during convoying from FOB to FOB
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Post event analysis (Like IED attack)
  • Pre-operation briefing
  • Training and simulation

Armoured Glasses: we propose a complete range of STANAG 4569 level 1 to 4 bullet proof bays and windows. We provide you with a complete structure : frame + glass + seal that can be directly integrated on vehicle.

Muzzle sight: the search for ever increasing accuracy for flat trajectory weapon systems has led to a more precise boresighting between the gun muzzle axis and the associated sight : we have developped those sights in order to cope with those specifications

Aiming sight: periscopic aiming sight series associated with a periscope. It is equipped with a x5 magnification channel and enables elevation aiming from -20 to 45° on the sight and on the periscope. It is designed to be conencted to a weapon elevation control.


Upgrading of existing optical and optronic products. We can upgrade optical equipment on armoured vehicles, turrets and cupolas in accordance with over 200 equipment references, or according to client specifications.

Reverse Engineering / Live System Support (LSS)

Retrofit system

Our sales and technical teams are at your disposal for any development study, Industrialisation or production of periscopes, sights, complex optronic equipment, optronic vision or sight system. These include innovating image treatment solutions such as detection and following of movement, image enhancement, etc.

Research and development of military vehicle optical systems

OPTSYS dedicates 5% of its turnover to research and development so as to offer innovative products while meeting deadlines and optimizing the costs of possession for the benefit of its customers.

In order to make the conception of optical and optronic solution, we are using dedicated tools such as:

  • Zemax for optical combination
  • Pre-E for mechanical design and CAD

Our latest innovations include:

  • Video periscopes
  • Low light level night vision, EMCCD, intensified or thermal

Production skills

– Transparent material processing from cutting to polishing, including milling, metal vacuum deposition,
– Integration in our workshop, with clean rooms (ISO 7) and laminar flow cabinet (ISO 5),
– Laboratory for optical measurement (dark room, lasers, collimators, goniometers).

Optical systems for military, law enforcement, emergency vehicles and high risk site

We can provide onboard vision systems dedicated to surveillance or safety for a wide range of vehicles, including remote operated vehicles, police vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles and ships. We can also provide you with surveillance system for high-risk site.


Optsys is committed to constantly improving its quality of service. We have the following certifications:

  • AQAP 2110 (November 2009 version)
  • ISO 9001 (2008 version)
  • ISO 14001 (2004 version)

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