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Defensive Barriers, Protective Structures and Body Armour

HESCO® earth-filled MIL® units have been used worldwide to create perimeter protection barriers; construct temporary accommodation; mitigate VBIED's and have now evolved to offer semi-permanent security fence solutions.

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HESCO® earth-filled MIL® units have been used worldwide to create perimeter protection barriers; construct temporary accommodation; mitigate VBIED’s and have now evolved to offer semi-permanent security fence solutions.

Since the First Gulf War the rapidly deployable wire mesh baskets have been deployed in arduous and remote locations creating simple perimeter walls to complex city-like fortification, defending personnel, equipment and critical assets of the US Army, UK MOD, USMC, USAF and NATO.

Defensive barriers

HESCO® earth-filled MIL® units have been used around the world to create barriers for perimeter protection, construct temporary accommodation, and provide high level security control.

Concertainer units are used extensively for the protection of personnel and equipment.
Hesco rapidly deployable systems were developed to reduce the logistical burden during deployment.
HESCO MIL™ unit’s ability to position and contain large volumes of earth, sand, gravel or rock, to create limitless defensive barriers, has made it essential in the protection of forces around the globe.
HESCO security barriers are engineered to provide a rapidly deployed high-level security fence for the protection of critical infrastructure and assets.
MIL units can be joined to create vast boundary walls or perimeters with entry control points.
American-made, thinner, lighter and concealable ballistic-resistant body plates.
MIL units have been employed to safeguard personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and other critical assets.
Hesco developed a range of protective systems that included accommodation bunkers and a light-weight bunker roof, used for command headquarters, battlefield hospitals, and ammunition and explosive storage.
With a purposely designed release mechanism to allow the rapid deployment of pre-joined standard or recoverable MIL units, RAID enables curves and corners to be easily formed to create vast boundary walls.

HESCO MIL units have become a prominent component and benchmark within worldwide force protection and have been used by military organisations including the US Army, UK MOD, USMC, USAF, and NATO in every major conflict since the first Gulf war, saving countless lives and mission critical assets.

The Concertainer™ MIL unit is a multi-cellular barrier system lined with heavy-duty, non-woven polypropylene geotextile and manufactured from welded Zinc-Aluminium coated steel mesh.

The unique design, strength and versatility enable easily-constructed corners, and when joined and filled the system will shape the defensive barrier to the surrounding landscape, creating barriers of exceptional strength and structural integrity.

MIL units

Whether used as a protective barrier or to define boundaries, HESCO MIL units have been employed to safeguard equipment, facilities, vehicles, personnel and critical assets in a variety of operations such as military, peacekeeping, humanitarian and civilian.

Recoverable units

Recoverable MIL units are engineered to be deployed in exactly the same way as our standard products, however, with the removal of one pin, the fill material will flow freely from the cell and the units can be flat packed for transportation to a disposal site and recovered fully intact.

Protective structures

HESCO Accommodation Bunkers (HAB) are specially engineered shelters for personal protection, command stations to in-field medical centres, and overhead protection for ammunition stores.

The HAB range of products provide both side and overhead blast and fragmentation protection, and easy to build with minimal manpower and equipment.

The shelters will house up to eight personnel providing a safe haven in remote and harsh environments, such as Forward Operating Bases, Company Outposts and remote industrial facilities.

The Lightweight Bunker Roof (LWBR) specifically designed to provide protection against indirect fire. The roof can be built on almost any wall capable of taking the load that the roof will impose upon it.

The structure can provide collective protection, for living accommodation, field hospitals, safe houses or overhead cover for ammunition and fuel stores.

Guard posts

The HESCO Guard Post kit allows assembly of a small emplacement with two-foot thick walls and 18in (0.48m) of overhead cover. Observation point forms are included in the set as are roof joists and roofing material.

Ground mounted and elevated sangars

The Ground Mounted Sangar and Elevated Sangars are modular units comprising of our earth-filled protective units and alloy components supplied by Brand Energy Infrastructure Services.

Rapid deployment for HESCO MIL units

RAID is a rapid delivery system, designed and engineered for the deployment of HESCO MIL units.

More than 1,000 feet of MIL 7 can be deployed in under 60 seconds, creating curves and corners and shaping a perimeter wall to the surrounding landscape.

High-level security fences

HESCO security barriers are engineered to provide a rapidly deployed high-level security fence for the protection of critical infrastructure and assets.

Combining the central concept of the Concertainer system, these fences are ground-mounted and proven to withstand vehicle borne attacks.

Each model is ground mounted, can be built on undulating or sloping ground and available in heights up to 5m (16in), creating a formidable barrier.

Ballistic inserts

American-made, thinner, lighter and concealable ballistic-resistant body specially engineered to protect law enforcement, military and private security personnel.

Using next-generation composite materials, combined with Hesco Armor state-of-the-art processing techniques, we give every end-user the capability to take advantage of weight savings with no compromise in operational protection.

White Papers


Press Releases

  • Combating Hostile Vehicles

    As we have seen following the hostile events which have occurred this year, vehicle borne attacks have become an increasing threat to public safety. With terrorist incidents evolving in terms of the weapons used and the nature of them, so do the preventative protection measures need to evolve in order to combat these threats.

  • HESCO® Barriers to be Manufactured in UAE

    HESCO Group recently entered the Tawazun Economic Agreement / UAE Offset programme and later this year will open their first manufacturing facility within the UAE and, as part of their long-term commitment to the region, will be providing employment opportunities to UAE military veterans.

  • Hesco Armor Wins US Army Contract

    Hesco Armor, Inc has won a share of a $49.5m indefinite delivery / indefinite quantity (IDIQ) body armour contract to supply the next generation of small arms protective inserts (SAPI) to the US Army.

  • Hesco Introduces New Brand

    Hesco Group, a global leader in rapidly deployable perimeter protection, safe haven bunkers and ballistic resistant body armour, announced the launch of a new global brand.

  • HESCO® Flood Barriers Tested to the Limit

    HESCO® barriers are used to taking an onslaught from flash floods; storms surge; hurricane winds and ice-filled waters; however the newest addition to the HESCO environmental portfolio faced a new challenge this week at Tees Barrage, UK.

  • Hesco Tests Defensive Barriers in Ukraine

    Hesco Bastion Ltd carried out a product demonstration and trial of its immediate effective force protection at the National Guard Training facility in Novi Petrivtsi, Kiev last Monday (2 February).

  • Hesco Awarded UIDIQ Contract by US DLA

    Hesco has been awarded an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract for force protection expeditionary barrier systems by the US Defense Logistics Troop Support Agency (DLA).

  • Hesco Armor - Protecting the Protectors

    HESCO® products have been protecting the brave servicemen and women of the United States military for more than 20 years, and now, Hesco brings that protection to the heroes of law enforcement after Hesco Bastion, Inc. completed the purchase of a controlling interest in Reed Composite Solutions (RCS), a specialist manufacturer of ballistic resistant body armor.

  • Hesco Flood Barriers Protect Property in Iowa

    As Johnson County officials issued mandatory evacuation orders for residents in low-lying areas, HESCO flood barriers were deployed along the Mississippi River as part of the flood preparation efforts.

  • HESCO to Exhibit at AIDF in Thailand

    HESCO is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at the Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF), which is taking place on 30-31 January in Thailand.

  • Louisiana Emergency Preparedness Teams Rely on HESCO Barriers

    Facing the threat of impending tropical storms, officials in Plaquemines, Louisiana, installed thousands of feet of HESCO baskets to fight the expected high tides that would bury a key highway for up to a week, endangering local citizens and shutting down commerce.

  • HESCO Unveils New Logo

    HESCO, the world renowned manufacturer of protective barriers, has unveiled a new logo signifying the continued success in the military, security and environmental markets.

  • HESCO Releases 2012 Mil Range White Paper

    The Concertainer unit from HESCO is already acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortification since WW2 and the company have now developed an all-new, completely recoverable 2012 HESCO Mil range.

  • HESCO Releases White Paper on Re-Deployable Security Fence

    HESCO has released a free white paper on the Army-Technology website on its re-deployable security fence. There are very many circumstances in which rapidly erected temporary fences are needed, and a wide range of easily erected lightweight fences are available. But sometimes something

  • Camp Bastion Profiled by The Guardian

    The Guardian recently profiled a huge UK military base constructed in the Afghanistan desert and home to 30,000 warfighters called Camp Bastion. The sprawling city-like outpost got its name from the huge HESCO Bastion Concertainer units that define and protect its vast 25-miles border.

  • HESCO Introduces Display Area to Showcase Product Development

    HESCO recently installed a permanent display area at their manufacturing base in Leeds, UK. The display allows visitors to view a wide range of HESCO products and technologies and to experience for themselves the high quality of engineered protection that has become synonymous with the HESCO bran

  • HESCO and 'Jimi's Bar' Return to AUSA

    HESCO returns to Washington, DC, 10-11 October 2011, as part of AUSA's 2011 Annual Meeting & Exposition at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. As in years past, our booth will feature the beloved 'Jimi's Bar', complete with all-new audio-visual material and displays. HESCO p

  • HESCO Launches New Website

    HESCO® launches its newly redesigned website, designed by its own in-house communications team. The site design is part of a project to update the HESCO brand platform, a project which covers marketing and technical literature, website and stationery. The new website has a simpler

  • HESCO Releases Free White Paper

    HESCO, a leading provider of the defence wall system Concertainer, which is acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortifications since WWII, has released a free white paper on the Army-Technology website. The white paper looks at what one organisation is doing to re

  • HESCO Bastion Honoured Sponsors of Help for Heroes Concert

    HESCO Bastion are honoured to be sponsoring an incredible line up of stars that will come together on September 12th 2010 at Twickenham Stadium for the biggest event of the year and a landmark in the history of entertainment, to mark the appreciation for our military heroes. In honou

  • US Marine Receives Prize in HESCO Photo Competition

    US Marine Sgt Ed Hatch, winner of the 2009 photo competition, was presented with his first prize of a Harley Davidson® FatBoy® motorcycle last week in Jacksonville, NC, USA. Sgt Hatch has recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan, where he took his winning photograph while on a patro

  • Rapid In-Theatre Deployment of Concertainer Units (RAID)

    The RAID concept has been designed to reduce the logistical burden of supporting force protection missions on expeditionary operations, such as the construction of forward operating and patrol bases. Using a specially designed container to maximize the amount of HESCO concertainer delivered, RAID

  • NATO NSN Issued For RAID 7

    HESCO's RAID 7 system has just been allocated a NATO NSN by the US Defence Logistic Agency (DLA). The Nato Stock Number will enable demands for RAID 7 to be placed through the normal logistic channels, speeding up and simplifying the delivery procces into theatre of the material. RAID 7

  • Use Your Camera and Win Fantastic Prizes With HESCO

    Imagine cruising down the road on a fantastic V-Twin Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Big, beefy and solid, the iconic Fat Boy is one of Harley Davidson’s most popular motorcycles - and it could be yours! One lucky contestant will be riding away on this superb prize, and all you have to do to w

  • 2006 HESCO Photo Competition

    Following the success of last year’s photo competition, HESCO is giving budding photographers another chance to win a superb Harley Davidson Fat Boy® motorcycle by running the competition for a second year. Judges are looking for digital photographs of HESCO Concertainer®

  • HESCO Sponsor Shaibah Log Base Half Marathon

    HESCO Bastion was recently a proud sponsor of the Shaibah Log Base Half Marathon, organised by Sgt Major Simon Crossman of 15 Fd Sp Sqn 32 Engineer Regt Group on 1st January 2006. The perimeter of the Log Base, and its mixture of tarmac and cross country desert terrain, provided


  • Camp Bastion Army Base

    Located north-west of Lashkar Gah in the Helmand province, Camp Bastion is a prominent UK military base in Afghanistan.

  • Fort Carson Army Base

    Fort Carson is a US military installation situated in the city of Colorado Springs in the state of Colorado, US.

Products & services

  • Defensive Barriers - Recoverable MIL Units

    We developed a recovery system to cut in-theatre logistical burdens at the end of the mission as a direct result of with the military's ever-increasing commitment to the environment, and costs rising of recovering materials when decommissioning military bases.

  • Defensive Barriers - MIL Units

    The standard MIL™ unit is the original HESCO® Concertainer™ product and has become renowned the world over as the ultimate force-protection barrier system.

  • RAID™ - Rapid Deployment System

    Rapid In-theatre Deployment (RAID) was created in order to cut the logistical burden of supporting force protection missions on expeditionary operations, such as building forward operating and patrol bases.

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