We developed a recovery system to cut in-theatre logistical burdens at the end of the mission as a direct result of with the military’s ever-increasing commitment to the environment, and costs rising of recovering materials when decommissioning military bases.

The recoverable range provides the same high-specification welded mesh and geotextile as standard MIL units, but the patented recoverable feature means that individual cells can be opened by removing just one pin, allowing the fill material to be released from the unit.

Recoverable MIL units are deployed in exactly the same way as the standard MIL products. Once the mission is over, efficient recovery for disposal can begin. To recover the units for disposal simply open the cell by removing the pin, this allows the fill material to flow freely from the cell.

The units can then be recovered fully intact and flat packed for transportation for recycling or disposal, providing substantial reduction in logistical and environmental impact.