Novatiq, based in Switzerland, is a young high-tech company that designs, manufactures, deploys and supports miniature robotic systems / distributed robotic teams to military, police, and fire and rescue sectors.

Video reconnaissance for hostile environments

The SCORP enables the users to conduct video reconnaissance in cluttered indoor environments and in outdoor landscapes. It is a miniature mobile reconnaissance device can be used for search, rescue and hazmat operations. In addition, it offers alternate-frequency robots, under vehicle inspection robots, operator control units and command monitoring stations.

Military EOD / IEDD robots for real-time video reconnaissance

The company’s products are used in active shooter reconnaissance, barricaded suspect, confined space search and rescue, EOD inspection, hostage rescue, high-risk warrant service, inspection of ventilation ducts, inspection of contaminated / hazardous environments, narcotic raids, prison / jail riots, SWAT operations, tactical breach actions, urban warfare, vehicle undercarriage inspection and VIP dignitary protection applications. Novatiq markets its products through a distribution network in more than 40 countries.

Low-cost, high payload military robot

At just 34cm (13in) long, 27cm (10in) wide, 12cm (4.7in) high and weighing just under 3.5kg (7.7lb), the SCORP is small enough to be carried in backpack and be thrown into buildings and hostile environments for reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

SCORP can be used in both day and night time, using infrared lighting packs (invisible to the naked eye) fitted on every camera.
SCORP's articulated arms allow it to explore all terrains, turn itself over in the event of a fall and surmount obstacles such as steps.
Modular, ergonomic, intuitive and more sophisticated. SCORP's innovative design delivers uncompromised performance, comfort and safety.
The SCORP is very easy to control, having one of the most intuitive interfaces of any robot yet produced.
Being a low-cost, waterproof and dust-proof robot does not mean that SCORP falls short on features.

Onboard, it has four separate cameras, one on each side. Usable in day or night conditions, the camera tilts 90° allowing the operator to see in every direction with IR illuminators for night vision. With the ability to carry payloads of up to 3kg (6lb), the SCORP can be fitted with a variety of sensors radios, cameras and a robotic arm. It is controlled by a wearable controller at distances of up to 500m (1,650ft). Its top speed is 8km/hr (5mph).

The SCORP’s standard battery will provide up to two hours of power, which can be supplemented by an external battery pack to provide over six hours of operation. The real innovation is in this product’s affordability which places it at the top of the international rankings and enables it to be classed as a low-cost product.

Why choose SCORP:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use, minimal training needed
  • Can operate for more than 3-6 hours
  • Expands with multiple accessories
  • Lightweight, compact and rugged
  • Get immediate situational awareness, clear, precise real time 360° video, images and sound
  • Four cameras for all around view, usable in day / night conditions
  • Records events for evidence and debriefing
  • Dual track system with articulating
  • Front articulated arm for enhanced mobility

Military robotic upgrades and accessories

A number of upgrades and accessories can be purchased alongside SCORP to make the robotic device more suitable to your individual needs.

The accessories and upgrades available include:

  • Biochemical detector
  • Manipulator with pincer
  • External battery pack
  • Indoor autonomous reconnaissance and mapping (SLAM)
  • Outdoor navigation (obstacle avoidance system)
  • Firing charges (explosive, flash / smoke grenade)
  • Thermal imaging
  • Image stabilisation
  • Wire cutter and EOD tools
  • Rugged tablet PC
  • Wrist controller
  • Fido detector mount