TECHWAN is an industry leader in the development of innovative public safety software systems for the army, police, border guards and civil defence applications.

We offer a range of modular and highly adaptable software packages that are designed to facilitate quick and easy communication in critical situations in order to address customers’ unique crisis management requirements.

Modular public safety solutions for the defence sector

TECHWAN’s SAGA line of software systems comprises solutions for management of emergencies and crises, and personnel mobilisation, as well as an auxiliary tool designed to provide assistance during the planning of large-scale events.

SAGA is a powerful multi-layered, services-oriented (SOA) solution that can manage police forces, civil defence and ambulance crews via a single, modular, highly flexible user interface.

TECHWAN specialises in the development and provision of innovative, multi-platform software systems that facilitate quick and easy communication in critical environments.
SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL is a highly customisable personnel deployment solution that has been selected by the French Gendarmerie to organise one of the world’s largest command networks.
TECHWAN’s easy-to-use SAGA CRISIS solution combines several emergency departments’ operations into one easy-to-use system, and includes a message module, GIS, customisable dashboards and a workflow platform.
SAGA MOBILE is a mobile companion to our innovative SAGA CRISIS and SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL software packages, which allows users to send and receive information remotely via 3G / 4G connectivity.
SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL can be further enhanced by using our SAGA PLANNING module, which helps plan large-scale events.
Every step planned in SAGA Planning will act with SAGA Command & Control, when a planned task reach its time SAGA Planning is a starter for SAGA Command & Control, which will dispatch the foreseen resources according to the plan.
SAGA Mobile is able to send pictures and film to control room and able to receive them as well, they are automatically inserted inside the ongoing incident.
SAGA Crisis is in use by a Swiss Civil and Military Security Department and by French National Police.

SAGA’s interfaces are customisable outside of the application using a register that allows for the creation of an unlimited amount of profiles depending on clients’ needs, which can be adapted by the system engineers.

Our SAGA systems support all types of fixed and mobile workstations, including multi-screen PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets. SAGA can take advantage of smart client technology, as well as full web multi-screen workstations.

TECHWAN’s SAGA software solutions are multi-lingual and support a range of alphabets, including Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic and Chinese. Translation can be performed inside application screens for optimum operational efficiency.

All SAGA modules can be used alone or combined to create bespoke management solutions according to customers’ requirements. Our versatile SAGA products support Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as SQL servers and PostreSQL database management systems to ensure compatibility with clients existing technology.

Emergency command and control systems for military operations

TECHWAN’s SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL software is a versatile solution that can handle a wide range of operational needs and configurations, ranging from one or two workstations, to networks of thousands of devices.

SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL can be linked with the user’s geographic interface system (GIS) of choice, including ESRI, GeoServer, OpenLayers, Bing and Google Maps, or having several on the same screen simultaneously if preferred.

The solution is compatible with a wide range of communication interfaces such as PABX / IPBX, radio TETRA, TETRAPOL, LTE, voice and video recorders, in addition to paging and SMS.

Our versatile SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL system can be installed on-premises, as well as in public or private Clouds depending on customers’ operational needs. Workstations can be configured for smart client compatibility with Microsoft WPF, as well as multi-screen, full web and mobile operation based on the AngularJS framework.

SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL was chosen by the French Gendarmerie (French police force) for integration as part of one of the world’s largest centralised command and control networks, comprising more than 6,000 workstations across French territories worldwide. The extensive network has since added more than 60,000 mobile workstations, smartphones and tablets.

Event planning technology for security measures

SAGA PLANNING is an additional module for SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL that is designed to assist in the planning of major events.

The system is able to store users’ preferred settings and configurations, which can then be re-used for future events to deliver consistently reliable results.

Every step planned in the SAGA PLANNING module is linked with SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL. SAGA PLANNING automatically triggers resources outlined in SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL at the relevant time in accordance with users’ specifications.

Our SAGA PLANNING solution is used by the City of Paris in the planning of high-profile events such as the Tour de France, Paris Marathon, and National Festival, as well as for specialist applications.

Crisis management solutions for the defence industry

 TECHWAN’s SAGA CRISIS is a multi-service solution that combines and consolidates operations from different departments under a common interface.

Our user-friendly SAGA CRISIS platform is based on a message module, workflow, GIS and set of dashboards, which are optimised to facilitate simple and effective operations in critical situations.

SAGA CRISIS is currently used by the French National Police at a nationwide level and is commonly relied upon by the Swiss Civil and Military Security Department for crisis management applications.

Mobilisation software for security personnel

TECHWAN’s SAGA MOBILISATION is a powerful mass mobilisation tool can deploy thousands of resources in a very short timeframe, making it ideal for large-scale emergencies.

The system is integrated with a variety of telecommunication systems to enable the transmission of messages across a range of mediums, including private automatic branch exchange (PABX) and internet private branch exchange (IPBX) in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) mode, or the solution’s own dedicated interface.

Our SAGA MOBILISATION system is also interfaced with SMS, pager and voicemail, in addition to fax and email for reporting. It also supports speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion for maximum operational convenience.

SAGA MOBILISATION can be deployed as an effective standalone solution or combined with SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL and / or SAGA CRISIS to create a comprehensive personnel deployment tool.

Mobile control systems for military environments

SAGA MOBILE is an innovative companion module to SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL and SAGA CRISIS that is specially designed for operation on smartphones and tablets.

The solution can remotely display dashboards from SAGA CONTROL and SAGA COMMAND & CONTROL and is compatible with a number of common operating systems (OS) such as iOS and Android, as well as specialist Android-based OS such as Secdroid. It can also be configured for use on Windows Phone and Blackberry upon request.

Our SAGA MOBILE system offers users a compact yet fully operational mobile workstation, featuring:

  • Incident management module
  • Bidirectional GIS integration
  • Waze, Tom Tom, Anymap or Sygic interface
  • Camera for pictures and film
  • In-built chat with other patrols
  • Automatic status control

SAGA MOBILE can send / receive images and videos to and from control room, where they are automatically uploaded to the incident database.

In addition, the solution features 3G and 4G internet capabilities, with 5G compatibility also planned for the near-future.