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Protective Modular Buildings and Shelters

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Säbu is a leading container manufacturer based in Germany. Säbu designs and produces state-of-the-art protective modular buildings according to customer needs. As our products have been implemented in many disaster and conflict areas, we are experienced in the development, production, transportation and certification of highly specialised and protective container solutions.

Modular accommodation shelters

We can supply modular shelters for mobile and stationary use as living accommodation, offices and operation centres. Our shelters allow for flat-pack transportation by road, rail and air. The structural protection is in accordance with the Standardisation Agreement (STANAG 2280). According to customer requirements the modules are stackable and provides seismic protection.

Säbu accommodation shelters are designed to withstand various environmental influences as well as firearms and small ordnance according to customer needs. Depending on the operation purpose, the shelters are equipped with A/C and heating. All products include planning, manufacturing, transportation and installation, turnkey delivery and maintenance. A stable security situation is to be provided by the customer.

Modular kitchens and canteens

The accommodation of a large force requires large-scale kitchens and canteens. Säbu provides canteens with a capacity of up to several thousand parties per day. According to customer needs, the building offers protection against seismic activity and small ordnance. The design offers flat-pack transportation and fast deployment.

Säbu Accommodation Shelters at Camp Marmal for 3000 soldiers
Camp kitchen at Mazar-e Sharif, Capacity: 2100 parties per day, 3900m²
Field hospital at Camp Marmal, Afghanistan
Protected Outlook Tower
Guards Shelter: Protection acc. GOST R 2.-5.

Modular field hospitals

Säbu offers state-of-the-art medical facilities combined with a maximum of flexibility. The size and equipment depends on customer requirements. Seismic protection as well as protection against small ordnance is available. We offer a turnkey delivery and maintenance service.

Modular bulletproof observation towers

We offer observation towers that are easy to transport and erect at any destination. The towers feature a protective standard according to DIN EN 1522 1523 FB 2 – FB 6 or 2.-5. GOST R. The bullet-proof design protects guards from attacks with firearms and enables a protected defence from within the cabin or defilade.

Gatekeeper’s shelter

Our modular gatekeeper’s shelter is a protected module for access control and physical protection. It is certified according to GOST R 2.-5. of the Russian Federation, which is equivalent to DIN EN 1522 1523 FB 2 – FB 6.

Modular protective buildings and containers

We offer a comprehensive range of modular buildings and containers, including:

  • Field hospitals
  • Kitchens and canteens
  • Acommodation shelters
  • Observation towers
  • Power generation containers
  • Office containers
  • Storage containers
  • Ammunition storage containers
  • Special containers designed in accordance with customer requirements

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