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Information Management Systems for the Military

ILIAS Solutions develops information management systems to support military commanders in managing their materiel, personnel and budget towards the optimal readiness required for operational and training missions.

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ILIAS Solutions develops information management systems to support military commanders in managing their materiel, personnel and budget to optimise availability for training and operational missions.

Commercial off-the-shelf solutions for defence

ILIAS Solutions offers the flexibility to customise these products to customer’s specific needs, making them an ideal fit for any defence organisation.

The firm also supplies a series of commercial off-the-shelf solutions to the defence community. Each of these systems addresses a specific area, and can together provide support for an integrated approach.

ILIAS's performance management system provides oversight and insight for end-to-end operations.
Enterprise performance management consolidates raw transactional data from IT systems into a single dynamic management layer.
Fleet management provides comprehensive overviews of status and location of platforms as well as assists planners in selecting the right platform for the mission.
Comprehensive feedback of budget consumption and platform usage during a mission is provided by fleet management.
Aircrew training management provides accurate control over the operational readiness and training requirements of crews.

ILIAS Solutions strongly believes in a strategic partnership with its customers that delivers long term support and ensures that the solution evolves along with the customer’s needs.

The company’s products offer fast and successful implementation, increasing efficiency while mitigating project and change risk.

Performance management system for end-to-end visibility

The ILIAS enterprise performance management solution offers functionality to support the various aspects of end-to-end operations. This includes process management, workflow management, dashboards, real-time analytics, dynamic forecasting, as well as risk and compliance monitoring.

Raw transactional data from existing IT systems is consolidated into a single dynamic management layer, giving customers unparalleled situational awareness.

Fleet management solution for handling military information

The ILIAS holistic vehicle fleet management solution covers the information management requirements of a military organisation that needs to manage and optimise its fleet of platforms for operational readiness and availability.

Fleet management connects operations with sustainment units. Graphical status boards, maps, Gantt charts and mobile applications provide an intuitive user interface and to plan, execute, and debrief missions.

Comprehensive and reliable functionality supports the maintenance community during sustainment activities.

An open HUMS architecture enables data collection from various health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS) devices, and predictive analytics for maintenance purposes.

Crew management system for control of crew readiness

Precise control over the operational readiness of crews is provided by the ILIAS aircrew training management solution. It supplies insight into current mission-critical qualification levels and training requirements.

Training managers have the flexibility to model qualifications, procedures, counters, flight training programmes and flight profiles as required. In combination with the military flight scheduling solution, users can optimise the training schedule by scheduling the right training to the right crew at the right time.

Mission-centric resource management for military training and operations

The ILIAS enterprise solution is a software application that provides an effective foundation to cover the broader information management requirements of a military organisation within the fields of operations, as well as training and resource management.

In the ILIAS enterprise solution, operations and training requirements drive the requirements for serviceable material and qualified personnel. Movement and transportation support the deployment and redeployment of material.

The supply chain, maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) activities and budget consumption can be tracked all the way back to the defence sub-contractor if needed. The ILIAS enterprise solution also provides support for Nato stock numbers (NSN) and foreign military sales (FMS).

Flight-scheduling solutions, military clothing and personal gear

Products are continuously updated. Please visit the company’s website for a complete overview and up-to-date information on all of its solutions, including solutions for military flight scheduling, clothing and personal gear.

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