Shakespeare Company is a global company providing military forces, radio OEM’s, system integrators and government agencies worldwide, technically superior antenna and mast products.

Shakespeare has over 50 years of experience in antenna design, engineering and manufacturing of HF, VHF, UHF, broadband and L-Band communications, and ECM antennas and masts.

Tactical ground and vehicular high frequency (HF) antenna systems

Since 1958 Shakespeare has manufactured the Style 120 HF antenna system. The Style 120 System suits a variety of mountings, antenna heights and configurations. It can be configured as 12ft, 16ft and 32ft tactical mobile system with or without NVIS capabilities, or as a transportable ground stationary application.

The AT-1011/U (Style 120) was first fielded by US Forces in 1960 and is still the preferred HF antenna system by military forces and OEM’s. The Style 120 is the true definition of a “LEGACY” antenna.

Lightweight Masts, for quick and safe installation for many different applications
Battlefield tested antennas covering 2MHz-2.5GHz
High Gain, High Power HP5250S/VRC, 500MHz-2.5GHz, 200 Watts

Broadband vehicular antennas

Whether used in battlefield, tactical or C4ISR conditions, Shakespeare’s broadband antenna technologies will provide maximum performance for the latest Software Defined Radio (SDR) Systems from the leading US and international radio manufactures.

Shakespeare’s antennas have won praise from US and NATO military forces for exceptional durability and strong communications capability.

  • 30-512MHz: SFB3512/VRC, HP3512/VRC
  • 100-512MHz: 4265BB
  • 225-450MHz: 4310-A
  • 225-2.5GHz: WB-2220
  • 500-2.5GHz: HP5250S/VRC, WB5025

VHF and dual band vehicular antennas

Shakespeare has a very diverse variety of VHF antennas that cover the 30-108MHz spectrum. These high performance antennas are ideally suited for use on personnel carriers, tanks, shelters and other tactical vehicles. The Dual Band antennas cover 30-88MHz and 225-450MHz. This allows the user a multi-band antenna occupying a single radome, yet allowing significant co-site and intermod interference reduction, while reducing vertical signature from multiple antennas.

Telescoping masts

Shakespeare manufactures three different styles of aluminum masts: Lightweight Manual Push-up Telescoping, Lightweight Pneumatic Telescoping, and Intermediate Pneumatic Telescoping, ranging from 8m to 18m. These masts are used for a variety of applications including military, first responders, civil defense, disaster preparedness, and general communication systems.

Additionally, Shakespeare is the North American Distributor for Cobham Mast Systems’ TR and TM masts and tripods.

The TR series of masts are lightweight telescoping masts that push up for heights up to 12meters with a 3kg-5kg top load rating. The TR series are constructed of fiberglass tubes with stainless steel and aluminum latches.

The TM series of lightweight telescoping masts are push-up for heights up to 8meters with a 3kg -5kg top load rating. The TM series of masts are constructed of fiberglass with thermo plastic fittings.

Man-pack antennas

Shakespeare carries a line of man-pack antennas that cover 30-2.5GHz. The man-pack antennas are suitable for today’s SDR systems. The antennas are fully ruggedized for military use.

  • 3500: 30-512MHz
  • 3505: 225-1000MHz
  • 3506: 1000-2500MHz
  • 3508: 225-450MHz
  • 3510: 500-2500MHz

Special application antennas

Shakespeare has many years of design and manufacturing experience specific to customer requirements for use with ECM, and other varied applications.

Shipboard antennas

Shakespeare offers a wide variety of shipboard antennas covering HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands.