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Rugged AC and DC Electric Air Conditioners for Defence Vehicles

DC Airco designs and manufactures off-the-shelf and custom-made air conditioners for use with on-off road vehicles and remote sites.

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DC Airco

DC Airco designs and manufactures off-the-shelf and custom-made air-conditioners for use with on-off road vehicles and remote sites.

We provide DC-powered air-conditioning units for defence personnel, border control and military, defence and rescue equipment.

Air-conditioning units for defence vehicles in remote locations

Built for desert environments in 50°C to 55°C (131°F), these units are used for defence vehicles and border patrol vehicles, as well as remote solar-powered enclosures, locomotives and mining equipment.

DC Airco produces air-conditioners for road vehicle and remote site use.
DC Airco supplies air-conditioning units to military, defence and rescue operations.
The company has standard rooftop, wall and split system programmes that are easy-to-install or retrofit.
DC Airco units are used for applications such as mining equipment, locomotives, remote solar powered enclosures, border patrol and defence vehicles.
The units are designed for desert environments ranging between 50°C to 55°C.
All air-conditioning units are fully factory tested prior to shipping.

We have a standard programme of rooftop, wall and split systems that are easy-to-install and retrofit.

DC Airco has 24V DC and 48V DC units in stock and supplies the following voltages on request:

  • 230V AC to 400V AC
  • 24V DC, 48V DC, 72V DC, 110V DC and 400V DC
  • Hydraulic compressor / 24V DC

All units are filled with R134A refrigerant and are fully factory tested before shipping. A built PLC controller shows system health.

Universal split air-conditioning for defence applications

The universal split-type air-conditioning is an upgraded version of our widely used DC 9200. It is designed for heavy-duty applications such as operator cabs and electrical cabinets, locomotives, trains, defence, and telecom.

The very efficient air-conditioner combines a very low-consumption with a high-cooling output and is fully DC-powered. The cooling duty of this unit is between two and three higher than a normal AC using with the same cooling and there is no power surge during start-up. It can also be supplied in other voltages through a consult factory, therefore the unit is easy to install on new and existing appliances.

The inbuilt PLC controller with display shows diagnostics, while the optional advanced controller allows remote management through internet. The indoor evaporator is connected to the outdoor condenser with hoses and cables 3m in length.

Wall-mount split air-conditioning for defence-based operations

The wall-mount packaged air-conditioning is designed for heavy-duty applications such as defence and telecom-based electrical cabinets. This unit is a further developed version of our famous DC 10,000 air-conditioner, which has been in production since 2002 with increased efficiency and new controls.

All parts are in one cabinet and the unit is fully operational when unpacked. The cabinet is made of zinc-plated sheet steel 1.5mm with grey RAL 7035 powder coating. All closing material is stainless steel.

The unit has an inbuilt PLC controller to run individually and / or free cooling with an optional cooling unit. It can be upgraded with our advanced controller for monitoring / logging through internet and email notifications. The air-conditioner is easily installed outdoors on existing appliances and there is no ingress in the shelter.

Rooftop air-conditioning for heavy-duty defence vehicles

The DC Airco roof top air-conditioner is designed for heavy-duty application operator cabs and electrical cabinet vehicles such as locomotives, cranes, forklift trucks and electric vehicles. The robust housing is made from powder coated zinc-plated steel colour RAL 7035 and the inbuilt premium PLC controller displays all settings and fault codes.

The air-conditioning combines a high-cooling output with a very low-consumption and is fully DC powered. The unit’s cooling duty is two to three times higher than a normal 230VAC and six times higher than a motor driven AC using with the same cooling. The unit can also be supplied in other voltages such as a consult factory, making it highly compatible with new and existing appliances.

About DC Airco

We have supplied many defence and telecom contractors over the last 20 years. These units work for many years in the Middle East to cool border patrol vehicles and solar-powered stations.

We are situated close to Amsterdam Airport and Rotterdam Harbour, making it easy for us to ship worldwide.

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