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Rugged Solid-State Drives for Military Applications

MemoSolid Technology (MemoSolid) provides rugged, reliable and secure solid-state drives (SSDs) for military, defence, aerospace, high-end industrial and embedded applications.

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MemoSolid Technology (MemoSolid) provides rugged, reliable and secure solid-state drives (SSDs) for military, defence, aerospace, high-end industrial and embedded applications.

Customised SSDs for military applications and projects

MemoSolid offers customised military SSDs products according to a project’s requirements. All our customised SSDs feature high levels of ruggedness, reliability and security, as well as offer mission-critical and requested supply period applications under challenging environments.

The current custom-made military SSDs include the R-SATA connector (Smiths / Amphenol ruggedised connector) SSDs, customised case SSDs and specialised-function SSDs.

MemoSolid offers industrial and secure SSDs for military air applications.
The company supplies SSDs for high-end industry applications.
MemoSolid SSDs are suitable for ground-based military operations.
In addition to the military sector, the company’s SSDs are available for defence applications.
MemoSolid's industrial and military secure SSDs for aerospace applications are highly reliable and secure.
In addition to the military sector, the company’s SSDs are also compatible with transportation applications.

Rugged SSDs for adverse and mission-critical environments

MemoSolid is focused on stability, data integrity, security and performance of our rugged SSDs after long-term operating and storage, especially under adverse and mission-critical environments.

Designed to meet MIL-STD-810G specifications, MemoSolid SSDs prevent shock and vibration for defence, military, armoured, vehicle, transportation and surveillance applications.

Each rugged SSD must pass rigorous -40°C to 85°C temperature testing curve in our laboratory. Cold-starting at -45°C and hot-starting at 90°C temperature points is also a standard feature for our rugged SSDs.

In addition, we provide specially designed rugged SSDs under an extreme wider temperature range of -55°C to 95°C, which is specifically requested in some industrial, military and aerospace projects.

Standard MemoSolid rugged SSDs are also produced with conformal coating, according to military requirements.

Unique integral power-fail protection for data integrity

Our SSD is designed with a 3F industrial-grade capacitor, which supports integral power fail protection under extreme environments. It supports at least three seconds of power supply to ensure all systems and user data will be written back to the NAND from the double data rate (DDR).

The embedded supercapacitor will also prevent leaking to protect military devices.

AES encryption and write protection for enhanced data security

To ensure data security in high-risk and highly secure circumstances, MemoSolid provides SSDs encrypted with AES 128-bit or 256-bit options, preventing unsafe or unauthorised user access.

We also offer optional write-protection features for our SSDs that ensure no data is written accidentally.

Military protocols secure erase function for high security

MemoSolid’s military-secure SSDs can overwrite or destroy all user data in allocated blocks and file tables, as well as data in reallocated defective blocks. After being processed with military protocols secure erase, it is very secure, with no risk of information leakage, or flash memory damage inside the SSDs.

We are also able to support customised overwrite and programme methods according to a client’s special secure erase requirements.

About MemoSolid Technology

With more than ten years of experience, MemoSolid targets naval, air, space, land, industrial and transportation markets.

We provide our customers with timely technical support and ease-of-use military secure SSDs products that the clients can safely deploy with ease and confidence, increasing their ability to efficiently bring products to market while decreasing the maintenance costs and data loss risk.

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MemoSolid Technology
9th Floor, 2nd Building
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