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Ateco Equipment

Vehicle Equipment and Accessories for the Defence Industry

Ateco Equipment (Ateco) is an Australian-based wholesaler, importer and exporter of 4x4 and truck accessories.

3/64-66 Abbott Rd,
Hallam VIC 3803 Victoria,

Ateco Equipment

Ateco Equipment (Ateco) is an Australian-based wholesaler, importer and exporter of 4×4 and truck accessories.

Product ranges include 4×4 off road suspension, winches, hoists, snorkels and spare wheel carriers.

Winches and hoists for recreational and industrial applications

Ateco offers a range of market-leading winch brands such as Warn, VRS and Premier.

Winches are available for most applications and suit 4×4, trucks, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and utility projects.

The company has been supplying Warn winches to the Australian Defense Force (ADF) for more than 30 years and continues to work closely with them to continuously improve the range of military recovery winches. To compliment the Warn range, VRS and Premier branded winches are also available to suit 4×4 recovery vehicles.

All Warn hoists are Conformité Européenne (CE) approved, suitable for any commercial application and can be installed to vehicles, workshops or cranes for an all-round lifting solution.

Off-road 4×4 suspension kits for heavy-duty solutions and lift kits

For vehicles carrying heavy constant loads, off-road driving or towing, Ateco’s range of Ridepro 4×4 Suspension and Supersprings products are ideal for improving vehicle handling and performance.

Ridepro 4×4 suspension kits can provide vehicles with a heavy-duty or lifted kit to suit a variety of driving styles. For off-road vehicles, a lift kit can provide extra ground clearance, and the ability to carry camping gear. The suspension kits are also ideal for vehicles carrying heavy loads to increase the ride height to ensure safe driving conditions.

Supersprings self-adjusting suspension stabilisers guarantee vehicle safety on the roads. This system is also compatible with current leaf spring suspension to optimise load carrying ability.

Recovery winches for military truck solutions

Ateco offers products for 4×4 vehicles, along with a range of recovery winches for trucks, spare wheel carriers and Telma electromagnetic brake retarders.

About Ateco Equipment

Since its establishment in 1959, Ateco has provided towing and recovery equipment for heavy vehicles in the ADF.

The company is a wholesaler, distributor and exporter of market-leading products across a range of industries. Initially specialising in 4×4 and off-road solutions, Ateco has broadened its portfolio to include other automotive accessories, industrial products and utility tools.

Ateco Equipment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ateco Automotive, a leading importer of prestigious motor vehicles. Today, it is established as Australia’s most dynamic and fastest growing automotive importer.

Ateco Automotive has also been importing in New Zealand since 2001.

Ateco Product Brochure

This brochure discusses Ateco Equipment's SuperSprings, Ridepro 4x4 Suspension systems, electromagnetic brake retarders, winches and accessories, as well as its vehicle recovery solutions.

Telma Retarders

A retarder is a driver-activated auxiliary braking system which operates independently of the service brakes, engine and gearbox.

Ridepro 4×4 Suspensions

Designed in Australia for the world, the Ridepro® System has been developed specifically for four-wheel drive vehicles. With a range of large 41mm piston Shock Absorbers, Coil and Leaf Springs, Steering Stabilisers, Torsion Bars, Swaybars, Polyurethane bushes and shackles; this system has been designed for up to 50mm lift from standard ride heights.