Secure storage vaults for the military sector

Armag designs and manufactures high-security modular vaults for storing weapons, ammunition and explosives.

We also manufacture modular SCIFs that provide a higher level of forced entry and ballistic protection. Armag armouries, magazines, and SCIFs are quick to deploy and delivered to the destination, ready for immediate use. Unload the vault, hook up optional power to a base or generator connection, and the vault is ready for use within hours. When the mission changes, simply load up the vault and relocate it elsewhere.

Armag’s mobile vaults are a quicker and easier alternative to conventional construction. These are used in decentralised locations worldwide, and pre-fabricated hardened vaults are customised to meet the user’s unique requirements.

Armag’s single unit magazines are portable, modular and a cost effective solution for Type 2 explosives storage.
Armag’s ammunition inspection building is the first relocatable facility specifically designed for ammunition inspection and maintenance.
The Type 2 earth covered magazine was created for explosive ordnance storage.
The forward operating base armoury (FOBA) is a mobile, high-capacity weapon storage facility designed for use on a FOB or training range.
The FOBA is approved for transport via C-17 or C-5 and mounts on an MTVR.
The A.R.C. Vault SCIF interior can be configured with interior walls to create multiple rooms, server areas, workstations, secure and unsecure networks, conference areas and more.
An illustrated view of the A.R.C. Vault SCIF.
Armag’s portable arms vaults or portable field armouries provide quick, cost-effective and long-term secure weapons storage.
Portable arms vaults are approved for weapons storage by all branches of the US military, in accordance with DoD 5100.76M, AR 190-11, and OPNAVINST 5530.13C.

They meet US Department of Defense (DoD) and department of alcohol, tobacco and firearms (ATF) forced entry and ballistics requirements. With modifications these vaults also meet UL 752 Level 8 ballistics protection. Armag secure storage vaults are equipped with hinge-side door protection, which keeps the door securely closed even if the hinges are defeated.

The modular steel armouries and ammunition storage magazines are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions. More importantly, these hardened vaults are designed to protect weapons and ammunition from corrosion and theft.

Armag sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF) not only meet DoD standards of (SCI) protection, but also provide a high level of hardened facility defence.

Weapon vaults for prevention of weapon theft and corrosion

Armag vaults have been used by the US military since the 1980s to prevent weapon theft and corrosion.

These portable arms vaults are modular, constructed of 6.4mm steel, and lined with military grade hardwood, which has been tested and approved to meet US military forced entry protection criteria.

Weapons are securely stored and also protected from corrosion, since the interior is air conditioned. Standard armouries are equipped with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), lights, and 60hz or 50hz electrical service. Many options are available, including supplemental dehumidification, electronic security systems, interior weapon racks and toilets.

Armag weapon vaults are commonly used for remote or decentralised weapon storage and can be easily relocated from site to site.

Secure ammunition and explosives storage vaults

Safe and secure ammunition storage is provided by Armag modular storage vaults. These robust facilities are constructed from 6.4mm steel and lined with 75mm military grade hardwood. The vault exceeds the secure storage regulations of the US DoD, and the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

Since 1969, Armag has delivered more than 15,000 vaults to commercial explosives manufacturers and users, US military and governmental agencies. These low-maintenance vaults are engineered to prevent forced entry and protect contents from theft and contact with detonators.

Armag ammunition storage vaults are designed for outdoor use and are customised to withstand local climates. They are very low maintenance and longlasting.

Armag ammunition vaults are ideal for decentralised secure storage of ordnance. They can be quickly deployed and moved from site to site.

A.R.C vault SCIFs for ballistic protection

Armag A.R.C. vault SCIFs are modular sensitive storage facilities that also provide a high degree of hardened physical protection.

These SCIF facilities are constructed of steel and lined with hardwood to provide ballistics protection.

Armag A.R.C. vault SCIFs meet the physical and technical requirements of ICD 705. They are scalable to meet Tempest requirements, and with modifications meets special access programme facility (SAPF) and communications security (COMSEC) specifications.

Forward operating base armoury

The forward operating base armoury (FOBA) is a tactical weapon storage building that is lightweight and easily deployable to the operating base.

Each armoury can store up to 200 weapons in an air-conditioned environment that will prevent weapon corrosion and damage. The interior includes cabinets for storing maintenance supplies, a maintenance table, area for storing spare barrels, and is equipped with HVAC and light fixtures.

This secure building has exterior mounted workbenches and is ideal for rapid deployment. The FOBA is equipped with ISO mounting blocks, so it can be easily fastened to the deck of the haul truck.