Secure ammunition storage vaults

Armag modular storage vaults offer safe and secure ammunition storage, which are constructed from 6.4mm steel and lined with 75mm military grade hardwood.

The vault exceeds the US Department of Defense (DoD) and department of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms (ATF) forced entry and ballistics requirements. With modifications these vaults also meet UL 752 Level 8 ballistics protection. Armag secure storage vaults are equipped with hinge-side door protection, which keeps the door securely closed even if the hinges are defeated.

Armag has supplied more than 15,000 vaults since 1969 to US military and governmental agencies, as well as commercial explosives manufacturers and users.

Since 1969, Armag has delivered more than 15,000 vaults to commercial explosives manufacturers and users, US military and governmental agencies. The vaults are low-maintenance and designed to protect contents from theft and contact with detonators, and prevent forced entry.

Armag ammunition storage vaults are made for outdoors and can stand against local temperatures. Additionally they are long lasting and very low maintenance.

Armag vaults are quickly deployable, easily re-locatable from site to site and are perfect for decentralised secure storage of ordnance.