Weapon vaults

The US military have used Armag vaults for more than 30 years to prevent weapon theft and corrosion.

Armag vaults are modular, constructed from 6.4mm steel and lined with US military tested and approved hardwood. They meet US Department of Defense forced entry and ballistics requirements.

With modifications these vaults also meet UL 752 Level 8 ballistics protection. Armag secure storage vaults are equipped with hinge-side door protection, which keeps the door securely closed even if the hinges are defeated.

Secure storage and corrosion protection is available for weapons due to the air-conditioned interior. Supplemental dehumidification is also offered for humid environments.

Armouries come equipped with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), lights, and 60hz or 50hz electrical service. There are many available options such as interior weapon racks and toilets, and electronic security systems.

Armag weapon vaults are easily re-locatable between sites and are typically used for remote or decentralised weapon storage.