SIAG OMC specialises in the construction of military shelters and cooling systems for military and special applications.

Construction of military shelters takes place at our facility in Passignano sul Trasimeno, Peruigia, while the production and maintenance of our special and military cooling systems is carried out at our workshop in Sant’Olcese, Genova.

SIAG OMC has vast experience in the sector and is comfortable solving problems of study, prototype design and construction, as well as production.

In order to fully meet the needs of our customer’s request, we make detailed technical evaluations of their requirements in order to choose the appropriate components and materials to ensure we deliver on all specifications. Qualified personnel adhere to MIL norms and ISO 9001: 2008 when working on projects. Our quality department constantly monitors the development of construction to assure compliance with the rules. SIAG OMC gives complete assistance on all its products and guarantees the supply of spare parts and their interchangeability for years.

Loading of 20ft shelter on to C130 aircraft.
Expandable 20ft shelter on truck. Total available surface 30m&#178, with eight e-command positions inside.
20ft bacteriological shelter. This shelter is used as a laboratory for chemical bacteriological and nuclear analysis.
Loading of 20ft shelter on to trailer with an APS-95.
20ft shelter with antenna.

Military shelter construction technology

The core business of SIAG OMC is military shelters and the cooling systems for those shelters.
We provide mobile shelters with aluminum structures that are transportable by truck, train, airplane and helicopter.

Our shelters are often used as:

  • Command and control shelters for telecommunications, radar, missile and weapon systems that offer bullet proof protection
  • Logistic shelters for NBC (nuclear, bacteriological and chemical) laboratories and power generators

Military shelters

We offer the following range of military shelters:

  • 20ft ISO standard shelters
  • 20ft expandable shelters
  • NATO standard shelters
  • ACE standard shelters
  • Mini Shelter T (S-250 U.S.A)
  • Customised shelters
  • EMI/EMC/NBC/TEMPEST protections
  • RFI protection up to 80db (for 20ft ISO standard shelters)
  • RFI protection up to 60db (for 20ft expandable shelters)

Military trailers

We offer a vast range of trailers. Please contact us for more information.

Shelter lifting devices

We can supply three types of lifting device:

  • Manual
  • Hydraulic self-leveling
  • Electromechanical self-leveling

Our core areas of expertise in the production of shelters are:

  • Mechanical precision manufacturing
  • Aluminum welding
  • Mechanical design

Cooling systems and equipment

Our cooling systems are used for various applications including:

  • Radar equipment
  • Radio communication equipment
  • Missile and weapon system

Our systems allow cooling with air, oil or water, and have an operational temperature range of -40°C-+55°C. Special conditions and uses can be considered.

We offer cooling equipment manufactured to MIL standard including:

  • Air conditioners
  • Air dryers
  • Water cooling units
  • Oil cooling units
  • Cooling embedded devices for racks

Our core areas of expertise in the production of cooling systems are:

  • Electrical / electronic developments
  • Thermodynamic studies
  • Hydraulics applications
  • Software-based developments

MIL-standard electrical devices

SIAG OMC can also supply MIL STD electrical devices:

  • Power electrical boxes
  • Electrical command / control boxes
  • Electronics equipment, including sensors, relay cards and power regulators