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Guided Missile and Rocket Components, HPUs, Tubes and Launchers

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Israeli-based specialist metal product manufacturer PALBAM designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of metal projects and components including guided missile and rocket components for the aerospace and defence industries, high pressure units (HPUs), tubes and launchers, and custom components. PALBAM is currently acting as a certified supplier of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Rafael, and is an ISO 9001 certified company.

From conception to installation, all of PALBAM’s custom components are developed to client specifications. The company is capable of working with the full spectrum of metal alloys, with PALBAM’s AMTS magnesium division able to manufacture cutting edge components from magnesium, which offers greater strength and lighter weight than aluminium.

High Pressure Units for guided missiles and rockets

PALBAM designs and manufactures high pressure units for guided missiles and rockets. The HPU is generally used in guided weapon systems as a source of energy for the navigating system and for focused cooling of thermo-optic components. The HPU is tailor made according to the client’s specifications. The vessels are designed to contain pressures in excess of 12,000psi. PALBAM provides a turnkey service from design and manufacture to testing and gas filling.

PALBAM uses a wide range of high-performance materials including SAE-4130 and 4340, PH 15-5, and PH 17-4, as well as advanced tools and production processes to achieve the precision the industry demands. PALBAM has the capability for machining or deep drawing followed by circumferential and longitudinal GTAW welding and utilizing automatic computerized methods according to need.

PALBAM offers bespoke solutions to meet all our clients' needs.
PALBAM’s high pressure vessels (HPUs) are used to power missile navigation systems and cool thermo-optic components.
PALBAM can design, manufactures and supply structural components, including those made from magnesium and a variety of other metals.
PALBAM provides a turnkey service for the manufacture and supply of launchers and tubes for missiles.
PALBAM has the capability to provide a turnkey service for the design, manufacture and supply of structural missile and rocket components in a variety of metal alloys.

Missile tubes and launchers

PALBAM has extensive experience manufacturing and supplying missile tubes and launchers to the military sector. Using the highest quality materials and advanced production processes, PALBAM offers a complete turnkey service, from conceptual design to finished product, and is able to provide tailor-made missile tubes and launchers in accordance with client specifications.

Custom missile and rocket components

PALBAM also has the capability to design and manufacture unique and complex components using combined technology assembly in a variety of alloys including magnesium. Examples include high pressure vessels and structural components for missiles and rockets based on the client’s specifications.

All PALBAM products fully comply to industry standards.


PALBAM Defence and Aerospace Division divides its expertise between established products and solutions and customized solutions for clients requiring innovative, quality controlled metal fabrication.

PALBAM has more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing complete metal projects and structural components in a variety of metal alloys for the military industry. All products and services meet our clients’ highest expectations for quality.


Defence and Aerospace Division
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