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Aluminium Fuel, Hydraulic and Air-Pressure Tanks and Seat Structures

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Alutech, a company of the Salzburger Aluminium Group, is Europe’s leading supplier of fuel tanks and air pressure tanks in aluminium for heavy trucks. Based on this long experience in the commercial and special vehicles market, Alutech successfully serves the military sector with its high-quality aluminium products.

Rheinmetall Land Systems, Krauss-Maffei-Wegmann, General Dynamics, SP-Aerospace, MAN, Mowag, General Dynamics and Patria all rely on Alutech’s high-quality aluminium products. In the commercial industry companies such as DaimlerChrysler, Iveco, MAN, DAF, Scania, Volvo, Renault VI, Isuzu, Hino and more swear by the high processing quality of Alutech products.


Increasingly, military vehicles require reliable, mobile, flexible and lightweight solutions, combined with low trough-life operating costs. Aluminium is a reliable, lightweight material for flexible use – the perfect solution.

The use of intelligent aluminium solutions allows 50% to 70% weight savings in comparison with the use of parts made in steel. The advantages of a lighter vehicle are obvious: less fuel consumption, faster and more flexible operational mobility in the military environment, the possibility of a greater payload for sophisticated equipment or crew, and a larger payload for vehicle-transporting aircraft.

Space-optimised aluminium fuel tank for the Fennek.
Highly complex aluminium fuel tank.
Aluminium fuel tank for the tank destroyer, Marder.
Aluminium air-pressure tank.

Aluminium is reliable and does not corrode; a crucial advantage in comparison with other materials. Furthermore the lack of corrosion results in less service and maintenance requirements, which means lower lifetime costs. This has forced owners of military tanks or special-purpose vehicles to substitute steel fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks and air-pressure vessels with aluminium ones.


Alutech creates fuel, hydraulic and urea tanks as single or combi-tank solutions with up to three chambers for commercial vehicles based on individual specifications.

Alutech provides:

  • Variations of aluminium fuel tanks based on standard cross sections
  • Aluminium fuel tanks pre-assembled including supports and bands
  • Tailor-made constructions to costumers’ specifications
  • Step tanks
  • Aluminium tanks with space-optimised steps
  • Combi tank – tank with fuel and oil chamber and attachments according to customer specifications (standard and special cross-sections)
  • Design and production of special attachment elements for the truck body


The corrosion-resistance and light weight of aluminium characterises the aluminium air-pressure tanks we manufacture for trucks as per EN 286-2. Large-scale series design and production in cooperation with big truck manufacturers, e.g. Daimler Chrysler, IVECO and MAN, has given Alutech the expertise for the design and production of aluminium air-pressure tank packages ready for assembly.


For light and versatile vehicles where speed and weight are the most important features, aluminium hydraulic tanks are an excellent choice. On the other hand, a strong and heavy vehicle where features like strength and robustness are of highest importance, combined with complex tank shape, calls for steel as tank material. Therefore Alutech is also able to provide standard as well as tailor-made solutions in aluminium, steel and stainless-steel.


Key benefits of seat structures in aluminium are weight savings of up to 45% as against comparable steel constructions. The broad design freedom by combination of extrusion-moulded sections, cast parts, sheets, tubes and extruded parts allows optimised distribution of the masses within the component that is appropriate for the loads encountered. This guarantees the highest comfort and meets ergonomic demands in the field of seat structures.


Alutech’s top development and material competence is a fundamental requirement for an optimal aluminium design. Its own production department is working permanently on innovative, military-specific solutions.

Alutech’s R&D team is used to working with state-of-the-art CAD software and data interchange in order to realise a professional and nearly on-line cooperation according to the customer’s demands. In addition to the development and design of lightweight solutions, Alutech offers the creation of prototypes, from small series to long-running series.

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