red star

Red Star Forwarding & Logistics, located near the Port of Antwerp, Belgium, was established in 2011 by a team of experienced logistics and transport entrepreneurs with expertise in highly specialized logistics sectors. We are fully certified and equipped to ship, transport and handle military cargo and strategic cargo worldwide.

As expert military logistics service providers, we are well-versed in the secure transportation of IMO 1 explosives and ammunition, arms and weapon systems, armored vehicles and military supplies. We offer integrated logistics services that enable our customers to focus on their core business, instead of spending time and energy sorting out complicated logistics.

Military cargo and defense logistics

There are few military cargo categories we have not handled in our many years of specialized strategic cargo experience. We thrive on the challenge of creating the perfect solution for extremely complex freight. A few examples include:

  • Black powder
  • Smokeless powder
  • Explosives
  • Mortars and grenades
  • Small caliber ammunition
  • Missiles
  • Army supplies

With our in-depth knowledge of military supply chain, defense logistics and integrated aerospace logistics, we are able to provide transportation of strategic cargo. We can handle an unlimited range of military cargo and defense equipment and technology, from heavy artillery and armored vehicles, to communication systems, shelters, sanitation, medicines and thousands of tons of rations and mineral water to keep troops healthy. We provide all necessary documentation: security escorts, official authorizations, permits and transit licenses; everything required to ensure perfect compliance and safety.

We handle the transportation of armored vehicles almost all over the world in the smoothest possible way.
Transporting dangerous IMO 1 goods such as explosives, black powder, smokeless powder, mortars, grenades, propellant and ammunition from A to B requires loads of know-how and experience.
Transporting armored and non-armored military vehicles from one country to another is a demanding task. It takes special expertise, as armored vehicles are difficult to manage and highly valuable.
Military operations present immense logistical challenges. Troops need food, drink, equipment, sanitation and medicines in order to complete their missions. We know how important the troops’ well-being is to achieving peace and stability.
As a non-asset-based global logistics provider, we are free to partner with the globe’s most reputed ocean, air, rail and ground carriers to provide precisely the solution you need.

Forwarding, transport and handling of IMO 1 dangerous goods

Successfully transporting dangerous IMO 1 goods such as explosives, black powder, smokeless powder, mortars, grenades, propellant and ammunition requires in-depth planning and attention to detail; the kind of focus that’s only possible when you are as experienced in your work as we are. Our one-of-a-kind assets ensure maximum success for our customers:

  • First-hand domestic intelligence and information
  • Fully IMDG-certified staff
  • Thorough knowledge of legislation, safety, regulations and documentation
  • A century of combined experience
  • A unique global network of dedicated subcontractors, agents and international logistics partners

Most importantly, our passion for military cargo and defense logistics keeps us reading, learning, investigating and networking; even on weekends, so that we stay on the cutting edge and always offer the most comprehensive set of services possible.

Transportation and handling of armored vehicles

Transporting armored vehicles from one country to another is a demanding task. It takes special expertise, as armored vehicles are difficult to manage and highly valuable. Our logistics services range from exceptional transport and oversize loads to air, sea, road and rail. At Red Star Forwarding, we have the complete ‘golden triangle’ of experience, expertise and resources required to ship armored vehicles from and to any destination in the world.

Military supply chain and defense logistics

We have close and proven partnerships with carefully selected carriers and subcontractors who are experienced in handling highly sensitive goods. We take great care in complying with all special requirements, transit permissions and end-user stipulations. We have every permit and license required to handle goods in this sector:

  • Arms and weapon systems
  • Military supplies and support materials
  • Helicopters
  • Communication systems
  • Turrets
  • Non-lethal technology
  • Dual-use materials

Peacetime operations, not to mention ‘the war on terror’ – present immense logistics challenges. Food and drink, equipment, sanitation, medicines; a substantial tonnage of goods precedes and follows the troops, enabling them to function and stay fit and healthy. At Red Star Forwarding, we know how important the troops’ well-being is in achieving peace and stability, and we are just as passionate about the perfect delivery of this vital cargo as we are about dangerous goods.

Global logistics services

Our international network of reliable agents enables us to ship to and operate in important deep-sea ports in the following target areas:

  • To and from Europe and Middle East trade lanes
  • To and from North America and Middle East trade lanes
  • To and from Europe and North America trade lanes
  • To and from Europe and Africa connections
  • To and from Europe and Latin America trade lanes

Essential military certifications

Our certifications include:

  • Preliminary license for the export, import and transit of weapons and military cargo: WL36/5150/5/281
  • Forwarder license number: 3334001
  • Licensed to transport arms and ammunition (no. 7/1/12/0001) by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Home Affairs
  • Registered with the Belgian Ministry of Defense under NCAGE code B7799 and with the Nato Maintenance and Supply Agency (NAMSA)