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Premium Military Clothing and Equipment

TMH Trading (Claw Gear) specialises in state-of-the art performance and advanced combat equipment that is designed and built to withstand the toughest conditions of modern battlefields.

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TMH Trading (Claw Gear) specialises in state-of-the art performance and advanced combat equipment that is designed and built to withstand the toughest conditions of modern battlefields.

The company aims to develop gear to defend the soldier’s body, while increasing each individual’s effectiveness. The geographical location of the company, at the foot of the Alps has a large influence on the choice of materials for the entire product range.

Combat and field pants

Claw Gear’s range of combat and field trousers are tailored for specific purposes, such as Raider Mk.IV (mission) and Stalker MK.IV (combat), in addition to the Operator and Enforcer trousers.

These have been designed to be simple and light but effective assault trousers, offering extremely useful features and greatest possible comfort for today’s combat fighters. Many of them feature an improved waist adjustment system with elastic components for better comfort and absorption of body movements.

Claw Gear’s lightweight combat pants feature waist adjustment and knee protection features.
The company manufactures a variety of jackets, including hardshell, softshell, fieldshell, insulation, and thick and thin fleece jackets.
Claw Gear’s shirts are suitable for combat and field operations.
The company’s shirts include combat / tactical shirts, T-Shirts and operator combat shirts.
Claw Gear has a wide range of equipment, including tactical watch, knives, woven patches, NIR patches, rubber bands, protective gear and gloves.

All the pocket concepts have been optimised; cargo pockets have been extended with an additional compartment, which is accessible from outside. The Raider and the Operator products even hold a 30-round magazine for rapid access.

Profound modifications apply to the knee area, which is now equipped with a handy, inward, knee-height adjustment. The modular knee pad compartment allows the use of a wide range of different knee pad inserts from different brands. The reduced infrared signature (NIR) makes these trousers applicable for special operations use.

Combat and field shirts

Claw Gear’s Stalker, Raider and Combat shirts feature improved collar design for enhanced comfort and possibility to attach the optional available Breacher Hood.

Sleeve pockets are modified for better accessibility and the elbow pad compartments are relocated and altered for optimal protection and comfort. The sleeve end adjustment has been re-engineered for improved adjustability and an extra elastic element harmonises individual body movements.

The shirts’ anatomical fit provides great wearing comfort. Moisture-wicking capability and sweat absorption in combination with soft feeling surface keeps the user dry and comfortable during combat missions. Reinforced elbow areas can be equipped with removable elbow pads.

Insulation, hardshell, softshell and fleece jackets

Combat insulation medium (CIM) has been designed as a very durable outer shell for extended operations in extreme cold and wet environments. Material selection was focused on rugged, lightweight performance materials with little pack size. The pattern has been constructed for high-mobility and to harmonise with body contours.

Climashield Apex, which is also the main part for the ultra-light middle layer CIL jacket, is a well-performing insulation material with excellent thermal efficiency and has been thoroughly tested and used for military tasks. This feather-light material has a high-resistance to tearing, good moisture transfer qualities and can still be packed in a tiny space.

The neck and hood area are equipped with comfortable and warming fleece, the hood is fully adjustable and helmet-compatible. All of the outer shell located zips are waterproof, both sleeves feature a sleeve pocket and hook and loop mounting surface. Large front pockets allow easy access even when wearing chest rigs or backpacks. The CIM also features pit zippers for easy venting and temperature regulation.

Melierax Hardshell has been designed as a lightweight jacket for best possible protection against storms, rain and snow. The Pattern has been constructed for high-mobility, to harmonise with body contours, and to be worn over body armour.

The Milvago and the Aviceda demonstrate that fleece jackets can be worn as a top layer. The outside and the inside material has been constructed to guarantee the necessary robustness and to optimise the wear comfort. The front pockets with two way zips can be reached at any time, even while wearing a backpack or chest rig.

Claw Gear’s combat garments are available in many different colours, which differ from product to product. Original Multicam, RAL7013 also known as Ranger Green, German Flecktarn, Swiss Camo, French CCE, and common solid colours such as Coyote Brown, Black, OD Green, Solid Rock Grey and Navy Blue.

Military equipment, watches and accessories

The Mission Sensor II watch is a reliable timepiece for military and law enforcement operators, providing a high level of functionality. The watch has a variety of features, including high-density polycarbonate case, black-ops design without any reflective metal parts, digital compass, barometer and altimeter. Black matrix display with backlight toggle provides best possible visibility under difficult conditions. The button tones for using the mode button can be turned off.

The 6in lightsticks are a portable and cost-efficient source of light. Each lightstick is a pliable plastic tube filled with two, non-toxic chemical solutions, one held separate in a floating ampule to prevent activation until required. A bright light is released via chemi-luminescense, a chemical reaction converting energy to light without heat, flame or sparks, so no batteries or bulbs are required. These lightsticks are suitable for a wide range of applications in combat, training and outdoor activity.

An evolution of a proven concept resulted in Claw Gear’s Combat knives. Their sturdy but minimalist design lead to extreme durability and reliability. Being crafted out of AUS-8 steel emphasises their robustness, while the ergonomic designed handles ensure excellent grip, even during poor weather conditions. Models have an integrated glass breaker.

The woven patches series from Claw Gear is a low-profile and lightweight patch in an incredibly high-resolution. The new-age hook on the backside only attaches to loop side surfaces and does not destroy knit surfaces or the sewing threads of the baselayer.

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    Apart from his technical equipment, a soldier's most important combat item is his body. That is why we set out to develop gear to defend the body as effectively as possible, while increasing each individual's effectiveness.

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