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Shooting Training and Shooting Range Equipment

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CK Technology specialises in the production and commercialisation of shooting range equipment. Our products are designed to provide efficient training for security forces. CK Technology has been active in this field for many years and has equipped many shooting ranges in Belgium and abroad (France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg, Tunisia, etc.).

CK Technology produces two product ranges:

  • Shooting training systems
  • Shooting range equipment


CK Technology delivers complete didactical material, matching all quality and security requirements for shooting ranges. We guarantee a high-technology training method that is professional and sophisticated, providing a total solution package. Our exclusive security shooting training systems equip you with the skills and strategies needed to control life-threatening situations.

Among a large range of material we deliver:

The CKP2 target carrier is robust, light, economic and maintenance-free. It can be used in indoor or outdoor shooting ranges.
The Slide and Video Shooting Simulator is modular and user-friendly. You can insert and process your own scenarios or train basic skills on fixed and mobile targets.
The Escalator Bullet Trap is highly appreciated for its advantages: it can handle all types of hand-help weapon ammunition, is very reliable and requires little maintenance.


CK Technology offers different types of targets carriers (CKP2, CKP3, CKP4 and CKP5) that have been developed in order to train basic reaction shooting skills. The different systems are complementary (different motion possibilities: pop-up, rotation, swing-up or even a combination of two movements, friend, foe and alternative sides) and modular (computer controlled or remote controlled, with wire or wireless, with or without hit detection, etc.)


A system used for precision shooting on mobile targets. Here, one or two target carriers placed on a wagon move on a trail. This system can be used in combination with the standard target carriers. This solid and reliable system requires very little maintenance.


In dangerous situations there is no room for error or waste of time so this complete system for interactive training teaches the shooter to efficiently manage a dangerous situation and decide whether he should shoot or not. The system can be used with a real weapon or a laser modified weapon. A self-developed camera detects the point of impact and transmits all necessary information to the control unit of the system. The system can detect and process up to 100 impacts a second.

You can count on our reliable service, technical and developing support.


CK Technology manufactures a large range of special equipment items:

CK Technology installs various types of bullet traps according to the type of training (precision or decision shooting), the calibre used, the room available in the range, etc.:

  • Metallic bullet traps: Venetian model (in light or heavy version), Escalator model (in light or heavy, short or long version)
  • Rubber bullet traps: PARAB and Politor models

All these bullet traps can withstand shots from different directions and highly reduce the risk of bullets rebounding.

Ground, wall and ceiling coatings ensure maximum safety in closed shooting ranges.

Weapon neutralisation zones ensure maximum safety when unloading weapons.

CK Technology provides an extensive market experience and high technical expertise.

Press Releases

  • CK Technology to Exhibit at MILIPOL 2009

    Leading shooting range equipment supplier CK Technology will be exhibiting at the MILIPOL 2009 trade show in Paris from the 17th to the 20th of November. Visit us at stand 11F033 to view our latest shooting range products and solutions. We look foward to seeing you there!

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