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Beth-El Industries

Filtration, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems

P.O.Box 166, 1 Avshalom Road,
30900 Zikhron Yaaqov,

P.O.Box 166, 1 Avshalom Road,
30900 Zikhron Yaaqov,

Beth-El Industries is a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of filtration, ventilation and air-conditioning technologies, and the integration of turn-key projects.

The company was founded in 1973 and has since sold systems to more than 60 armies worldwide, which include most of the NATO states, most European countries, as well as a large number of forces in the Far East.

Tens of thousands of systems have been supplied and installed, and a substantial number are in daily use in peacekeeping operations around the globe.

All Beth-El systems have been thoroughly tested by military and government institutes around the world and comply with the strictest standards worldwide.

Vehicle air treatment systems

Beth-El Industries’ products are installed in more than 120 different vehicle types. The product families include:

  • Ventilation and dust filtration systems for vehicles
  • Ventilation / dust filtration / NBC-TIC-filtration systems for vehicles
  • Full air treatment systems (ventilation / dust filtration / NBC-TIC filtration / air conditioning / toxic firing fume extraction)
  • Separate air conditioning systems for vehicles
  • Combined air treatment systems with auxiliary power units (generators)

Beth-El systems feature the highest protection factors, while offering the smallest possible size, reduced power consumption, and extremely low noise levels. Just to name a few of Beth-El’s unique features, the technology is distinguished by its easy integration, reliable around the clock ’24/7′ protection capabilities, long-life filters and operational CAN-controllers.

Engine air cleaners and fuel pumps

Beth-El Industries offers highly efficient, compact engine air cleaners and fuel pumps for heavy-duty vehicles and tanks, including fuel pumps and air cleaners for engines. Beth-El Industries’ systems have been integrated in a wide variety of military and civilian vehicles.

Complete turnkey NBC-protection tents

Beth-El has provided dozens of armies with complete, turnkey projects such as field hospitals and command posts, which include the NBC-protected tents and all ancillary items (air conditioning units, generators, showers, toilet systems, illumination, etc.).

The product families are comprised of:

  • ColPro role 1, 2 and 3 field hospitals
  • ColPro rapid deployment centres, which are fully autonomous, protected command posts  
  • Fully autonomous ColPro tents
  • Ventilation and dust filtration systems for tents
  • Ventilation / dust filtration / NBC-TIC-filtration systems for tents

Beth-El also offers its unique NBC-filtration systems to tent manufacturers for integration in their tents.

Ventilation, NBC-TIC-filtration and air conditioning systems for containers

Beth-El offers highly efficient heavy-duty filtration systems for container application and has provided many armed forces with thousands of these systems. 

The product families are comprised of ventilation, dust filtration, NBC-TIC-filtration systems for containers and full air treatment systems.

Beth-El systems provide easy integration and excellent protection levels with low power consumption and noise levels.

Ventilation and NBC-TIC filtration systems for bomb shelters and safe rooms

Beth-El offers a wide variety of different protection systems from small rooms up to large scale collective bomb shelters. The product families are comprised of:

  • Ventilation and dust filtration systems for shelters
  • Ventilation / dust filtration / NBC-TIC-filtration systems for shelters
  • Blast protection valves

Air handling units, NBC-TIC protection indoor tents, expandable cabinet shelters

Beth-El has a vast range of products to retrofit existing buildings with protection systems, as well as protecting the central air conditioning of buildings with around the clock ’24/7′ protection.

The product families are comprised of:

  • Portable NBC-TIC protection indoor tents  
  • Expandable cabinet shelters
  • Air handling units with integrated NBC-TIC filtration for buildings (providing 24/7 protection) and BIBO filter exchange (allowing safe replacement of a contaminated filter)

Mobile medical isolation systems

Beth-El provides mobile biological air filtration for the medical sector.

The product families are comprised of:

  • Negative pressure isolation tent for isolation of patients with infectious disease
  • Portable stretcher-sized negative pressure isolation chamber for ground and air transportation
  • Positive pressure clean room for mobile operating room scenarios and clean room purposes
  • Air purifying systems for improving air quality and reducing biological hazards

Beth-El Industries’ solutions have been used in all the recent outbreaks of contagious diseases (i.e. SARS, avian-flu, TB, etc.) and are used by military and civil hospitals, as well as first responders in humanitarian operations around the world.  

Beth-El Industries

P.O.Box 166, 1 Avshalom Road

30900 Zikhron Yaaqov