ESG has been a leading German company for the development and integration of IT and electronic systems for armed forces, public authorities, and the aviation, defence and automotive industries worldwide for nearly 50 years.

The firm’s logistics services ensure that these systems remain available and efficient when in operation. With a total of 1,600 employees, ESG has its headquarters in Germany and offices across Europe and worldwide.

ESG has considerable expertise in designing, developing, integrating and supporting complex and security-critical IT systems. Its portfolio ranges from command and control systems to solutions for logistic support and cyber security and intelligence.

ESG has been developing IT and electronic systems for armed forces and other bodies for nearly 50 years.
TARANIS Theatre is a command and control system that is web-based, and used for higher command levels. .
TARANIS Soldier is used by soldiers in mission areas. It is used in highly mobile operations.
As well as command and control systems to solutions for logistic support, ESG also offers cyber security and intelligence.

Solution suite for tailored command and control systems

ESG’s TARANIS® network-enabled solution suite provides tailored command and control systems for all levels of command, from operational headquarters right down to individual soldiers.

It also makes a significant contribution to improving situational awareness and accelerating decision-making processes.

All TARANIS solutions are configured according to customer specifications by expanding the core system with appropriate modules, and they are also fully compatible with each other.

The TARANIS Theatre is a web-based command and control solution for higher command levels. It is designed for use both in stationary command posts in the homeland as well as in mobile command posts in operation areas, and ensures a seamless connection to command levels in NATO and allied forces.

The TARANIS Battlefield is a tactical command and control system for middle military command levels. With its flexible configuration options, it is ideal for use not only in spacious indoor command posts but also cramped, wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as by individual dismounted soldiers.

The TARANIS Soldier is a solution for lower tactical command levels in highly mobile operations. It is designed for use by individual dismounted soldiers and works with smartphones and tablets.

IT solutions for logistic support

ESG’s modular suite of IT solutions for logistic support supports key supply chain processes, ranging from the introduction and technical documentation of equipment; the codification of articles, equipment and material; to asset and maintenance management.

All of the firm’s solutions can be used in conjunction with existing ERP systems (e.g. SAP) and other logistics systems.

N-CORE is the worldwide leading solution for the codification of military material in accordance with the international codification standards of NATO ACodP-1. It is designed for use at National Codification Bureaus in NATO, TIER 2 and TIER 1 countries.

QuILS and APART are solutions for Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) according to ASD Spec S1000D und S2000M. These user-friendly authoring and retrieval systems provide centralised control and decentralised processing for material maintenance.

Implementation of holistic mobile IT solutions for military customers

ESG’s integration and services team is specialised in joining different modules together to make a reliable complete system.

The firm successfully implements individual holistic mobile IT solutions for military customers, establishes logistic supportability and provides lifecycle support.

As part of its service portfolio, ESG:

  • Integrates deployment systems into complete systems
  • Builds transportable and modular container systems
  • Implements training / reference systems
  • Develops concepts for initial training and execute training for operators and maintenance staff
  • Plans and develops logistic concepts
  • Generates interactive electronic technical documentation (IETD) in accordance with ASD / AIA S1000D and S2000M specifications
  • Provide technical and logistic support for systems during their service life

ESG has, for example, implemented three mobile command posts for the German Air Force’s mobile command and control system.

Thanks to these transportable deployment systems, the forces’ command and control capability is ensured at all times. The container equipment can be varied depending on mission type and location.