TARANIS® Soldier is ESG’s solution for lower tactical command levels in highly mobile operations, intended for use by individual soldiers in mission areas and providing a seamless connection to the next command level.

TARANIS® Soldier works with smartphones and tablets that run on iOS, Android and Blackberry 10 operating systems, giving dismounted soldiers optimal connectivity to their command with minimal weight and relatively long battery life.

By default, TARANIS® Soldier uses GSM networks for communication, so even future technologies, such as highly mobile cellular networks, are already supported. However, the solution can also be used with any IP radio devices.

TARANIS® Soldier therefore allows foot patrols within a locality to connect quickly to their vehicles and the long-range communication equipment located inside with TARANIS® Battlefield and the corresponding communication equipment (HF, VHF, satellite, etc).

TARANIS® Soldier shows dismounted troops their current location on a digital map, an overview of other troop units in the area as well as tactical symbols, chats and messages.

Easy configuration allows users to define virtual radio communication circuits, therefore multiple separate virtual networks can be managed on the same infrastructure and direct access is only given to the participants that are required for a specific mission.

Communication outside these virtual radio circuits is, of course, also possible.

TARANIS® Soldier is fully compatible with the TARANIS® Theatre and TARANIS® Battlefield command and control systems.