Jersey Strand & Cable Inc Custom Strand and Cable Manufacturing For Military Applications

Jersey Strand & Cable (JSC) is a specialty strand and cable manufacturer in New Jersey, US that provides a unique, custom manufacturing facility to make small diameter strand and cable for military use.

Custom strand and cable for military applications

JSC manufactures small to miniature strand, cable and wire ropes for communications, container seals, stranded spring wire, and many other applications.

The company’s products are made from the following materials: stainless steel, brass-plated steel, galvanized steel, bare steel, copper, copper alloys, and other non-ferrous materials. JSC also produces composite strands and cables mixing tin copper and galvanized steel, stainless steel, Kevlar and tinned or bare copper.

Other combinations can be made, as required, to achieve specific results. Wire diameters can range from 0.001in to 0.078in, depending on the material, with tensile strength ranges of 15,000psi (aluminum) to more than 350,000psi (bare steel, brass-plated steel, etc.).

Strand and cable diameters can range from 0.003in to 0.250in, depending upon construction and materials. Strand and cable can be cut to length with welded ends.

JSC’s unique equipment can produce strand, cable and wire rope using a wide variety of materials. Constructions range from 1×3, 1×7, 1×19, 3×7, 7×3, 7×7 and 7×19.

Small and miniature specialty cable and strand

For more than 30 years Jersey Strand and Cable has been supplying specialty cable, custom strand and braid in small and miniature sizes to industries worldwide, using materials with very specific properties and capabilities.

JSC always works closely with its customers to assure confidentiality and satisfaction of their custom strand and cables.
JSC manufactures a variety of products for military use such as:

  • Corrosion-resistant cable using stainless steel strand and super alloy strand for safety cable applications
  • Stranded wire for recoil mechanisms are made by JSC using specialty steel wire
  • Stranded spring wire made with stainless steel strand, and monel, copper, and zinc-plated steel wire for use in magazine feed springs and container seal

JSC’s mission is to continually improve its expertise, capabilities, products and services for current and future worldwide customers. The company aims to enhance its offerings to enable customers and end-users to advance their products and services.

Management control system for cable manufacture

Using professional consultants, spearheaded by a former IBM systems engineer, JSC has developed a computerized, fully integrated management control system. From request for quotation, purchasing, raw materials, receipt and inspection of incoming raw material through to the production process, shipping, certification and invoicing the ‘system’ controls and records all details to ensure they adhere to the customer’s and JSC’s specifications.

The entire operation employs this system at each step of all processes.

JSC customers and competitors alike are duly impressed with the instant availability of information. The system even provides the ability to easily retrieve the entire history of a single spool of wire from its source, through the manufacturing processes, to its final disposition.

As the system was designed and created specifically for JSC, it is streamlined and efficient. It goes without saying, that the system has been a major contributor to the company’s success.

JSC prides itself on having a reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality products that are delivered on time.

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Press Release

Jersey Strand and Cable Introduces New Sales Manager

Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. is excited to introduce the newest member of our team, George Mazur. George is stepping in to lead the sales team as Sales Manager.

White Papers

Fine Wire Ropes and Braids for Military Applications

JSC supplies very fine wire, wire rope and braids for a a broad range of applications, such as communications infrastructure and safety cabling.

Jersey Strand & Cable Inc

259 Center Street

Phillipsburg, NJ

United States of America

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Press Release

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Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. is excited to introduce the newest member of our team, George Mazur. George is stepping in to lead the sales team as Sales Manager.

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Jersey Strand & Cable Inc

259 Center Street

Phillipsburg, NJ

United States of America

1- 800-528-3900 1- 908-213-9350 1-908-213-2203

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