Manroy USA, LLC, is a US-based company.

We recently completed the acquisition of all Sabre Defense Inc (SDI) assets and the inclusion of those capabilities in March 2011. For all business in the US we operate as Manroy Defense Systems (MDS).

The company was established principally for the manufacture and supply of weapons, weapon spares, mounts, and weapon accessories to the US Department of Defense. We are now a prime contractor to PM Soldier Weapons, ARDEC, TACOM and DLA. We are also an approved source of supply to General Dynamics, BAE Systems, and Alliant Techsystems for manufacture of precision machined and fabricated parts and/or assemblies.

Recent Manroy USA contracts include:

Manroy has a wide-ranging expertise in weapons and integrated mounting systems.
Manroy manufactures a complete range of standard mounts for the 0.50in M2HB heavy machine gun and the 7.62mm general purpose machine gun.
Our Mk43 Mod 0 EBS is a unique boresight designed to be operated by a single operator more quickly than existing solutions.
Manroy is a leading supplier to the global defense industry with extensive experience in the production of machine guns, mounts and ancillary products.
The Manroy M4A1 type Carbine features a 14.5in (37cm) Chrome Moly Vanadium MIL-B-11595 alloy barrel and a six-position M4 style synthetic collapsible stock.
  • M16A3 and A4 rifle
  • M2 .50 cal heavy barrels
  • M2 bolt sub assembly
  • M2A1 sub-components
  • M10 chargers
  • M2 and M3 aircraft barrels
  • Mk43 electronic boresight system
  • Commercial AR barrels, receivers and spares

Weapons and integrated mounting systems

Manroy’s experience in engineering and manufacturing, coupled with the additional capabilities of former SDI, serves to provide our customers with a wide-ranging expertise in weapons and integrated mounting systems as evidenced by our product line:

  • M16A3 and A4 complete rifles, spares and parts
  • M2HB – machine gun spares
  • M2HB .50 cal stellite lined barrels
  • M2 .50 cal stellite lined aircraft barrels
  • M2 machine gun receiver assemblies
  • M2 machine gun breech bolts
  • M2 machine gun barrel extensions
  • M2 .50 cal quick change barrel
  • Mk 43 Mod 0 electronic boresighting systems (EBS)
  • Other precision machined and fabricated parts/assemblies

Manroy Mk43 Mod 0 electronic boresight system (EBS)

Our Mk43 Mod 0 EBS is a unique boresight designed to be operated by a single operator more quickly than existing solutions, while delivering a dramatic increase in performance. Currently in use by both the Navy and Air Force, the system was designed to operate throughout a wide range of weapons and weapon systems. Designed for optically enhanced turrets, remote weapon stations and other mounted optics; timely procedures ensure repeatable accuracy.

ISO-certified manufacturer of weapons and mounting systems

At Manroy we have moved rapidly throughout our brief history to best position ourselves to support fully the demands of our government customers. We continue our growth by improving on our new 130,000 square foot facility, whether through additional range facilities, more machining capacity, or development of new or improved products.

Manroy is fully committed to its quality program and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Manroy is a registered importer/exporter with US Dept of State, Defense Trade Controls, and is ITAR compliant. We are also a registered manufacturer and importer of firearms, including automatic weapons, through the US Dept of Justice and ATF.