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Shelter Structures

High-Quality Fabric Structures for Military Organisations

Shelter Structures (Shelter) is a professional modular fabric structures manufacturer based in China that offers aluminium-framed tents.

No.1 Huanghe Rd, Panyu Area, Guangzhou City,
Guangdong Province,
511447 China

Shelter Structures

Shelter Structures (Shelter) is a professional modular fabric structures manufacturer based in China that offers aluminium-framed tents.

The company’s temporary structures are widely used as semi-permanent warehouses and production workshops, aircraft hangars and maintenance facilities in the aviation industry, as well as base camp and emergency shelters in military and humanitarian relief sectors.

Industrial warehouse structures for semi-permanent storage

All fabric warehouse buildings from Shelter have a lifespan of more than 20 years, are framed with hard-pressed aluminium alloy, and have a strong enclosure system that can withstand up to 100km/h wind loads and snow loads of more than 80kg/m².

The ‘A’ frame buildings feature widths from 10m to 60m and heights from 4m to 8m. They are suitable structures for temporary commercial warehouse and industrial storage, logistic warehousing centres / dock, and production workshops for mine sites or oil fields.

We also provide industrial doors (steel roller shutter), heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and thermal roofs to build a safeguarded and insulated storage for secure and climate-controlled warehouses.

Fabric aircraft hangar for high-precision flight equipment protection

Shelter’s hangar structure features a curved roof, which reduces unnecessary material waste on the sidewall, while creating sufficient width and height for any type of aircraft.

In order to construct a hangar for code A, B private jet or gyroplane, the classic ‘A’ frame clear span structures in widths of 10m to 30m and ridge height from 5.60m to 8.95m make adequate space for an 8-10 plane.

A tension fabric structure with an arcum roof in widths of 18m to 60m and ridge height from 7.60m to 19.60m is suitable for airbus or Boeing hangar accommodation requirements for large code D, code E civil or military aviation.

Shelter also provides a fully enclosed hangar doors system to protect the high-precision flight equipment from challenging weather conditions. A hangar can be enclosed with electric driven rolling shutter doors, bi-fold doors, aluminium sliding doors, and clamshell / eyelid hangar doors.

Detachable and relocatable mining shade tents for resource exploitation

Shelter provides durable structures as protection for outdoor mining and oil projects. They are weather-resistant to prevent mining machinery from long-term sunlight exposure, as well as effectively protect the miners to ensure the efficient operation of mining projects.

Our tent structures comprise modular buildings framed with hard-pressed aluminium alloy, so they are detachable, relocatable, and remain stainless for longer.

We have developed an extensive range of products to meet the height of heavy mining equipment. The buildings can be widely used as a temporary recreation area, mining shade, machinery storage, and tent dormitory.

Fast-installation military camp construction and humanitarian relief shelters

Shelter’s temporary structures are available in a modular, aluminium frame. This can be quickly installed and expanded by adding the module to meet sudden increased demand. It can be completed by two or three soldiers within an hour.

The tent shelters are covered with 780g/m² or 850g/m² polyvinyl chloride-coated tarpaulin, and proven to be waterproof, tear-resistant and strong tensile property to provide better protection in adverse weather conditions.

The company provides military tent construction and a base camp overall layout design service. Our tents are designed to be camp warehouses, military vehicles carport, temporary tent barracks, combat support hospitals and dining areas.

Shelter tents are also ideal for humanitarian relief purposes such as resettlement camps, Red Cross structures and temporary relief supplies warehouses.

About Shelter Structures

Shelter has more than 14 years experience in supplying modular building worldwide.

The company production base covers an area of more than 100,000m², with innovative designing technology, computer numerical control (CNC) production and an efficient delivery and installation service.

All our products have complied with ISO 9001 quality standards and the fire-retardant standard is approved by the EU: DIN 4102, B1, M2 / US: NFPA 701. Shelter is a member of IFAI (US), earned the Famous Brand in China and was awarded Golden Supplier by Alibaba.

Coverall Fabric Building for Mining Shed Structures

Under normal circumstances, mineral mining projects will be carried out underground or outdoors on a boundless mining area. The adverse environment of a mining project is not only caused by unfavourable weather conditions but also because there is no cover on the open land. Miners and mining machines have long been tortured.

Emergency Response Relief Shelters

Shelter Structures does not only provide tents structures for military and industrial usage, but also relief shelters for rapid response. We are the official UN tents supplier.

Fabric Structures for Modular Aircraft Hangars

Shelter Structures is an experienced manufacturer of tensile fabric structures. These structures are not only widely used on covering sports courts, but also specially designed for temporary aeroplane hangars.