Modular aircraft hangar

Shelter Structures is an experienced manufacturer of tensile fabric structures. These structures are not only widely used on covering sports courts, but also specially designed for temporary aeroplane hangars.

Main framework

The whole structure is framed with a hard-pressed aluminium alloy profile, covered with tension polyvinyl fabric, and surrounded by industrial grade metal wall. The stainless framework gives the feature of long lasting for more than 20 years or permanently.


All those tension hangar structures from Shelter are not only waterproof and sun-blocking but also withstand wind and are flame retardant and tear resistant. Even when encountering 120km/h (75mph) strong winds, the structure can remain stable.

Shelter has developed a mature product line to make more appropriate hangar structures for aircraft in different wingspan.

M Series Hangar – Classic ‘A’ Frame Structures

1) Clear span width: 10m, 11m, 15m, 16m, 20m, 21m, 25m, 30m, 35m
2) Ridge height: 5.60m-15m
3) Eave height: 3.95m-8m
4) Bay distance: 5m

Applications: Hangars for code A to code B small private jet, police aviation, or emergency medical helicopter (air ambulance), gyroplane or light aircraft. Small aircraft assembly workshop.

Polygonal Roof Hangar – Curved Roof Structures

1) Clear span width: 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m, 50m, 60m
2) Ridge height: 9.42m, 11.72m, 13.20m, 15.60m, 16m, 17m
3) Eave height: 4m-6m
4) Bay distance: 5m

Applications: Cover for code C to code D medium size aircraft, such as military combat aircraft, fighter aircraft or military transport aircraft, aircraft maintenance and testing workshop.

T.F.S Series Hangar – Large Tension Fabric Structures

1) Clear span width: 18m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m, 45m, 50m, 60m
2) Ridge height: 8.79m, 9.17m, 10.30m, 11.30m, 12.85m, 13.95m, 15.15m, 16.30m, 19.50m
3) Bay distance: 5m

Applications: Large hangar for code E large civil aircraft. Aircraft maintenance workshop. Not only making larger entrance space, but also reducing unnecessary material waste on the side.

For code F large aircraft with a wingspan of more than 60m, we will recommend our metal hangar structures with steel truss frames construction, which is better for permanent use.

Tailor made solutions

Shelter also offers electromechanical doors system to help build a safer plane shelter with easy control.

We offer clamshell / eyelid hangar doors, roller shutter doors, sliding hangar doors and industrial folding doors to fully enclose the structures.

All our hangar structures can be customised to design suitable eave and roof heights and entrance door systems according to your aircraft condition. We offer turnkey solutions with 3D technique drawings for free before your confirmation.

Shelter has a professional designing, manufacturing and selling and installation team to offer flexible turnkey solution. Your need is all that matters. And we are the ones to make that happen.

If you have any question about our hangar structures please feel free to consult our experts at We will respond to you in 24 hours.