SHELTER has developed a wide range of modular aluminium structures to meet your need in temporary or semi-permanently expanding storage space. We are dedicated to providing more durable, indestructible industrial structures, not just for a short-term storage, but also for an economical and efficient long-term warehouse, to shelter your industrial manufacturing workshop, logistics loading and unloading process, and outdoor construction projects.

Framework of a temporary warehouse structure from SHELTER is:

  • Framed with hard pressed aluminium alloy square tube (T6061/T6)
  • Connected with hot dip galvanised steel components
  • Fixed onto solid ground with steel base plate and expansion bolts

What about the roof and sidewall material? When it comes to the roof covering material, it is optional between 650g/m² pure white PVC tarp or 850g/m² blackout polyvinyl chloride tarp. Storage with double PVC layer thermal roof is also allowed.

Sidewall options. For customers who require an enclosed warehouse, we also provide industrial warehouses with sidewall options such as ABS board / panel, steel trapezoidal sheet, insulated sandwich panels and polyvinyl chloride tarp.

Enclosed door options. For the concern of property safety, the warehouse structures also can be enclosed with multiple door systems.

SHELTER provides industrial roller shutter doors, sliding doors, bi-fold door, single or double wing doors to help you build a more secure storage.

Features include:

  • Clear span structures without inside poles offers 100% interior space usage
  • Our warehouse structures are typical modular buildings which are also relocatable. It can be used in any ground at anytime on many occasions, proving more cost-efficient than traditional buildings
  • Our tried and tested aluminium structure is very strong with 100km/h-120km/h (60mph-75mph) wind load and 80kg-100kg snow load
  • Covering with vinyl coated polyester fabric makes the whole warehouse structures waterproof and ultraviolet (UV) resistant
  • The tarpaulin also has the ability to isolate the flame and fire retardant standard is approved by EU:DIN4102,B1,M2 / US: NFPA701
  • Easy and fast to assemble and dismantle

SHELTER offers tent warehouses in different series and different span to meet various demands of warehousing space.

Mode Available: ‘A’ Roof Series, Arch Roof Series and TFS Series.

  • Clear span width: 10m-60m.
  • Ridge height: 5.60m-15m and customised height
  • Eave height: 3.95m-8m.
  • Bay distance: 5m

For prefab solutions of warehouse building:

  • If special widths of more than 60m to build a more stable warehouse structure are required, interior beams can be set
  • Length can be unlimitedly expanded by adding 5m bays
  • Warehouse with custom designed size, including width, length, eave height from 4m to 8m and ridge height can be made to allow heavy machinery, such as forklift, truck and other large manufacturing equipment
  • Multiple warehouse structures can be linked by rain gutters to form an interconnected warehouse group
  • Prefabricated warehouse with ventilation solutions, HVAC system can also be made for perishable product storage

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